"A modest Anthem for the Stars"

My first ever piece to be published on an online community of composers/other music fans.

A  fairly simple calming and intriguing(I hope :P) piano piece in the key of G Minor, inspired by -stars. The intention is to give the listeners an impression of those far and never ending void, empty blankness of the deep space, yet reminding them that the universe houses countless astronomical objects -planets, stars, nebulas, and the like- despite the gigantic distance between, implying that the humans are like the universe itself and always carry a potential to feel better no matter how empty and meaningless the life may seem to them at the moment.

It's an amateur piece, but one that I finally felt was worthy enough for the lovely, awesome music lovers' time who make the world a better place, like you!

I'd love to get some feedback from other people, so please don't hesitate to reply with a comment about your impressions of the song, about your criticisms and advises, or about anything you simply just want to say.

Despite the not-quite-good video resolution, the sound has been recorded with MIDI and I'd confidently say that it doesn't lack in quality.

Thanks, and have a fantastic day!


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