• Hello Saul,

    really beautiful piano piece, beautiful interpretation. I really like.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Laurent!

  • Nice. It sounds good and the performance has a lovely flow.

    Sometimes I do wonder though how the music of 200 years ago has suddenly become the industry standard.


    • 175 years ago in this case, I would say -- it's early romantic rather than late classical. And just occasionally a slight hint of something later. It's not exactly original (sometimes originality is overrated) but I enjoy both the music and the performance. Quite how this is the industry standard, I'm not quite sure?


      • Hang out on this forum and even worse r/composer on reddit, and you'll see that overwhelmingly it's people's ambition to write early romantic music for solo piano and John Williams for symphony orchestra. That's what I was alluding to. To be sure, this is far above the average, but still, "not exactly original".


        • ok -- I was thinking more of what the Establishment will perform in the concert hall, not what an average amateur aspires to. Clearly poles apart.


  • A very nice romantic piece with a touch of modernity, a pleasure to listen to. Congratulation!


    • Hi, 

      Thank you everyone for your comments, glad you enjoyed the music.


      As a composer when I compose a piece of music it generally sounds romantic, classical or baroque by default, without trying even.

      When I compose modern sounding music that is where I generally have to try to sound not classical and more modern...





      • > Thank you everyone for your comments

        and you return the favor?

        • What are you talking about?

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