Here's three pieces from the EP I released last year, during my first year of my composition degree. While I've put out a tentative release for it I still want to rework it and refine it a bit. Criticism greatly appreciated!

Crumbeye - Pissmix EP - 01 1. Incoherence.mp3

Crumbeye - Pissmix EP - 04 Inertia.mp3

Crumbeye - Pissmix EP - 06 6. Panda.mp3

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  • Hi Thomas,

    Of the three you had posted, "Incoherence" made the most sense to me as a song. It was dissonant, and dissonance suggests to me a lack of coherent thought, or confusion. "Panda" took me a while to understand; if you meant that pandas are an endangered species on the verge of extinction, then I think you're music accurately portrayed that particular situation. I can't say much about "Inertia"; I just didn't get it.

  • None of the titles for the EP were really symbolic of the song itself, except in the case of incoherence. "Panda" was only really called that as I originally wrote it as a soundtrack to a friends film which included someone dressed as a panda eating bamboo. That particular piece was almost sarcastic at the time of writing in its dramatic nature. 

  • Hi,

    I like these works.
    , Because here is because they are often reflected in our emotions, including anxiety.
    I can not even imagine a modern society there is no dissonance.

    Nice job, thank you.

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