Hello, new member here.  I have 6 pieces posted on my website.  It's a variety of compositions, but generally the same genre, film pieces maybe?  Not quite sure.   I have other types of music I'll be posting in the next couple of weeks too. All feedback (dissecting) is welcome.  I know your time is valuable.  Thanks!



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  • Thanks.  I'm glad you liked it.  I was sort of experimenting in getting it to sound like the instruments were talking to each other.
  • Beethoven and Heifetz were both amazing musicians, but I have no desire to compete with their accomplishments or try to sound like anyone else.  My hope is that people will be touched in some way when they listen to my music. My musical interests are varied too.  I enjoy everything from Saint-Saëns to Hindemith, the Four Freshman to Tangerine Dream and Tool.  I just posted a new song called Road Trippen at my web site. It's an electronic piece, much different than the other 6 pieces. I'll also be posting some rock/metal style pieces too.  I don't allow my experience with classical music - with its many rules of what everything is supposed to sound like, to flow into the creative space I occupy today.  Those rules work extremely well in classical world, but tend to suffocate in today’s domain, in my opinion.  I originally intended on Papillon being a much longer piece, but the flautist passed out before she could finished.  ; )

  • Please post a file here, to the Music Dissection forum.
  • Good songs, thought altough the production sound clear, it's a bit lifeless, but that might be due to the samples.

    I like 'Wondering' a lot :)

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