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Hello Everyone, I'm new and this is my first post!

I'm attaching a pdf. file of the score and the sound cloud link. The midi mp3. file is to big to load. The piece is going to be performed and recorded in Nov. - I will post that later as a better representation. 
All of your feedback is welcome, and greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking time to listen to the piece.

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Hi Fredrick!

Thank you for the kind remark and the critique. I think that elaborating on the violin solo is a great idea. Thanks for bringing that to my attention! 

Hi The Lonely Goat,

I appreciate your comment. However, I suspect that your criticizing the midi rendering rather than what is actually on the page; The violin line is above the piano's register. Therefore, It doesn't sound subordinate to me. In fact, the violin melodies will dominate when this is played live. You must also take in to account where these instruments will be on stage. The violinist is always in front of the piano in a typical chamber work, and the hatch of the piano can be lowered. Furthermore, I don't see a basis for scrutinizing the transparency of the textures, because these textures are very orthodox. They are utilized all over the violin and piano repertoire(e.g. I learned a lot of these figures by studying the piano and violin music of Mozart intensively). I know they work because I've heard them.

I agree about the cadenza, but I simply don't hear what your saying in regards to instrumental balance. It just isn't acoustically possible unless the pianist completely disregards my dynamics and plays FFF where an F is written etc(The midi does that I guess).


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