A Day In Paris

This is a piece that I composed for the Garritan Composers Competition earlier this month.  It's a theme written in the style of Henry Mancini, Michel Legrand and Johnny Mandel.  I will eventually re-render this using better, non-Garritan sounds.  That said, I think the mockup sounds pretty decent.  If your browser has difficulty playing the MP3 for some reason just download it to your computer.

A Day In Paris 

PDF Score

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  • Enjoyed and followed the score with interest - I also love those composers you mention.

    I liked the independence of the cello and double bass - obviously part of the style.The counter melodies in thirds were simple but effective - as was all the step wise voice-leading. The ending not being on the tonic chord threw me a bit, but I could grow used to that.

  • Thanks for the kind words.  Good orchestral writing is all about the voice-leading and the melodic lines. It's more important than vertical  voicings.  I mess with triads a LOT even though it may not sound like it.


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