A Dawn Never Ending

I have been working on A Dawn Never Ending since the 1990s. It has gone through multiple revisions and at least seven stable versions that I thought I was happy with until I felt the urge to revise them for various reasons. I submit this piece and ask for feedback, particularly on the ending. Does it work? The score and music are attached. For those who would prefer, I have also uploaded a video to YouTube and provided a link to it below. It will have better sound than the MP3 I have attached. Thanks for your feedback. It is appreciated!

A Dawn Never Ending on YouTube

A Dawn Never Ending.pdf

A Dawn Never Ending MP3 (128-Bit).mp3

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  • Really liked the harmonic language and the text setting was very nicely done. Wished there were more polyphonic sections but the homophony was well written. 

    Two things I would suggest:

    One: Notationally dynamics and tempo markings go above the staff in choral music. Its different from instrumental music because of the presence of text to be sung. 

    Two: I would personally go for a C score and avoid using so many key signature changes. It appears that you don't stick to any given key anyways so I felt that the constant key signature changes were unnecessary. As a performer I would much rather see accidentals on ever note as oppose to trying to remember which key signature we had changed to again. 

    Other than that this was an excellent piece. Good job. 

  • Thank you, Tyler, for your feedback! It's interesting that you wished for more polyphonic sections in the piece, because in listening to it, so did I. It's a bit too homophonic for too long, perhaps because I originally conceived it in purely hymn-like, polyphonic terms as a college student learning to write four-part harmony. I've since written more polyphonic work; however, this piece never benefited from that learning and technique. Perhaps in a future revision it will. :)

    --August Champlin 

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