• I can't seem to access the link to the audio, has it been moved?

  • I hope these links are okay. Mp3 was too big so this link takes you to a file share, hope that is okay.

  • I really like the opening pizzicato + trill figure, adding measure numbers throughout the score would certainly help though!

    I would prefer the second beat of measure 8 should be an A in the first violins, I'm not a fan of the dominant 7th chord there myself, but you may differ. The same thing applies to whenever you have that same figure repeated.

    I liked the melody in minor in the bass, you could write the violin parts with tremolo notation. When you first introduce that figure, I noticed you repeated it exactly twice, I would recommend altering the 6th bar of page 2 to maybe go D-C#-B-C# in the 1sts and F#-E-D-E in the 2nds.

    My comment about the about the dominant 7th still applies to it's repetition in E.

    That's all I had time to review today, but overall I liked the piece and look forward to listening to the Adagio tommorow!

  • Ishan thanks for looking at my piece. When writing I always aim for what I like the sound of and trust my ear rather than checking the theory.

    I will stick to the G but quite like the idea of the small change in the 6th bar.

    I have added bar numbers. I usually have them these days, don't know how I missed them!

  • Hi Kevin

    There is much to admire in this playful little suite.

    Must admit I was waiting for the wind to come in in the first movement.

    Thought the bridge from 1st to 2nd movement could be shortened.

    Liked the second movement as is. Thought the piu mosso (4th mov?) would benefit by going into the minor in the middle.

    Would have liked more "fireworks" in the last movement.

    Mike L

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