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Here is a chart i found that contains the general orchestral instruments, their range, what each part of their range sound like, some technical information and more. It's pretty useful in any situation, and is really helpful if you are learning to orchestrate properly.


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Thanks again! It's really useful. I've printed it on an A2 sheet, it's the perfect size.

thank you, it's very useful !


Wow -- nice -- thanks. . very handy

Next step, Rimsky-Korsakov!

Notes on the Flute part:

The third tremolo is very possible.

The note on 'Only use B6 and upwards in an upwards rushing scale' is nonsense.

The note on cold+weak in the lower register is very false: Fauré's Pavane isn't cold and many, many other low flute solo are very, very strong (Listen some caprices of Karg-Elert's).

Also, the piccolo isn't more agile than a regular flute.

The note on 'intonation good except for G6+upwards' is also false. There are several notes which may pose difficulties maintaining a good intonation (C#4, C#5 for example) but G5 and upwards are not hard to keep straight. Even more, professional flautists know a lot of different possible fingerings for playing the same note, some making the note more sharp and some making it more flat (e.g. there are more than 6 different fingerings for playing the G5)

Also, a good flautist will have a open-buttoned flute allowing several glissandi and country-folk-like vibrato (Ian Clarke's flute works, Robert Dick's Electric Blues).

Flutes can also produce multiphonics, though the fingering charts are difficult to be found on the internet.

Last but not least, the highest possible note on the flute is F#6, maybe G6.

thank you for the chart. it sets me thinking. at least the ranges and dynamics seem pretty real

Great chart. Also glad it's available. Quick question: I'm redoing a section of the Nutcracker and have the ability to make the standard A Trumpet parts into Bb, to me, giving more access to more players, not having to transpose using a C trumpet, etc. Would trumpet players welcome this? or not? Thanks in advance for any input...

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