Was rummaging through an ancient MIDI audio folder last week and discovered something called GIT_NOCT. I think at that time, only DOS 8+3 filenames were allowed but I still don't understand the title -- it suggests to me I may have intended something for guitar but the MIDI file seems to suggest a violin so I gave it the title "Nocturne for violin and piano". I imported it into Dorico and found the result quite interesting in places. It's obviously something very early, written in 1993 probably. I have retained the live performance from the MIDI (so a proper score is currently out of the question and most timing inaccuracies and fairly extreme dynamics remain) and my wife rather liked it so I decided to post it here. Or rather the main reason for posting it here is it only lasts 7 mins which means conceivably one or two might listen to it.... 😁

Rendering is VSL Steinway D274 Lite and CS solo violin and it can be found here https://play.reelcrafter.com/dko22/chamberworks


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  • Hi David,

    I liked it..  It is like an ode to repetition...  Interesting various forms of repetition.

    Use of loudness, mostly, to create contrast or while creating contrast. Could use also

    and more dissonance...

    Neat work.  Congratulations.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • thanks for listening, Al. It would be interesting to know where you think there might be more dissonance -- I can think of a few chords which could be filled out perhaps with greater chromaticism but in terms of tonality, it's fairly fluid and indeed there are passages which would generally be described as atonal.


      • Oh, I am afraid that is a lot of work to do, especially without the score...

        • well, as you've picked something up by ear, you simply need to give the timing point of one or two examples that struck you when you were listening. But of course there's no need if you don't feel like it.

          To create a readable score, the entire work would need to be re-entered and I'm not sure at the moment that it's a major priority, though I wouldn't rule it out for the future.


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