A bit of a bit..


First thing I'm sharing..

I'm really liking the community so far..


This is a short piece I composed to a friends concept art..

You probably can't hear it, but I was stuck until I dissected a bit of "Night on Bald Mountain".

(those diminished 7ths.)

OMAM (once more with Theory).mp3

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  • Hi Aaron, nice music, full of energy. I love the power of the drums, but still, you might want to try toning them down so as not to drown out the instruments. What happens all the time for me is I write what I think is the main part, then I harmonize it, and then I realize the harmony is what needs to be heard most, even tho I'm very attached to the other part. I think it will still retain its power with the drums toned down.
  • Hrm.. on my end it's all pretty level..

    I'll check it on some different speakers..


    thanks for the input!


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