A Bed Of Roses

So, I've been struggling for months to put together a decent song, nothing was seeming to work. Unfortunately, my keyboard is iffy on when it wants to work so I was unable to play around like I normally do to get some inspiration. Well, I got it to work long enough to pick out a simple arpeggio and voila, inspiration found.

Anyway, this is my newest piece titled "A Bed of Roses". This is actually my best piece of writing that I've ever done for the piano.... It's not much, and the song overall is very short, but I feel like I got a lot out of a little bit of nothing considering everything.

I can try to provide a score of the song, I am not too sure, though. I'm still just beginning to learn how to read sheet music and just began fiddling with musescore.... 

Sorry in advance for the link, apparently, I can't get any of my music to be under 7megs these days...

Anyway, I appreciate any and all feedback, thanks!


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  • Blake,

    This was a pleasure to listen to.  Left me wishing for more, i.e., for a longer piece.  But this is not a complaint, just a compliment!

  • Thanks, I appreciate the time you took to listen and comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and yeah, I feel that I could do a whole lot more with the song. So many more ideas were bouncing around in my head today. Lol. Funny how music is, some things don't hit ya till after you're "finished". 

  • Very nicely done.  reminds me of an arabesque of sorts… I thought the orchestration very effective. 

  • @Gregorio X, thanks alot for listening. I'm really trying to get better at orchestrating more dynamically and at the same time staying a bit more realistic than I had been in the past. Since I've never actually studied orchestration before it's been hit and miss. But, I'm glad to hear that it worked out well for this song. 

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