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 Hi all,

 I need advice about VST, DAW.. any replies will be appreciated.

 I composed always based on real playing and never thought about producing with DAW and VST, I use Sibelius mostly for professional notation, I am looking now to improve the so

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volume control

I would like member help, I composed a piece in finale print music with garritan orchestra this allows me to export the 20 tracks as an individual wav file . I now want to import it into a free daw to fine tune the volume only . Audacity absolutely c

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MIDI mockup DAW tips?

What are your tips/tricks for making realistic MIDI orchestration mockups in a DAW?  Aside from having good samples, I'd be interested in hearing about how others use CC's, templates, and humanize/partial quanitize features to make MIDI playback more

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Solo string VST?

Hi, I'm using Sibelius 7.5 with GPO 5 and am not too happy with the GPO 5 Solo Violin/Viola, especially in fast legato passages.  The solo violin sounds like a synth in the upper register. 

Anybody have any recommendation for a good Solo string VST

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