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Notion 6

 Notation programs can take a long time to master. Admittedly someone who has invested much time into such programs is unlikely hesitant to look at other offerings, however if you happen to be looking for a good notation program Notion 6 is a solid

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Studio Upgrade

Hello Everyone!

I am in the process of moving my studio to a new bigger space, and I am upgrading everything. I'm a Logic user. Would love to hear what you are all using in terms of your computer, music libraries, other software, keyboard, screens, a

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Sampletank 4

IK Multimedia are offering a pre release buy of Sampletank 4.  There are three versions of it. If you have "Jam Points" they can be converted to the sale.

I used Sampletank off an on as a stage synth using a laptop for bread and butter sounds years

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