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     German composer Max Reger is supposed to have been annoyed at an insulting review of a performance of his music, and he sent off this letter to his critic:

     "I am now sitting in the smallest room of my house.  Your review is before me; soon

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Internet Debates

Since debates have been raging here in a couple of threads, I thought this page by might be entertaining for some of us.  Luckily, we don't have any of the extreme douche bag debaters that call other people "nazi fags" on this forum, but

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Your favourite jokes!

Aw man I just love a good joke! Let's get the ball rollin guys!


"All we do is argue, we need to learn to get on," my wife said. "So let's try and speak the same language from now on, eh?"

"Moooooooo," I replied.


Deal or No Deal is so unrealistic.

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Humor of DLSI

"Can you accept that time does not exist?" said the physicist to the violist. "Maybe,but how then will I get paid for my overtime rehearsal?"

"We always think about and take care of the future employment of musicologists when we write many beautiful p

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