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---where's a piano Tuna when you need one?

----now I can write some light piano music!

----Wow! That group of fish must have been a music school!

----That damn AMAZON--that was supposed to have been delivered YESTERDAY!!! :)


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Old School Style Patronage

A topic of fascination for me isn't so much the composers themselves, but how composers in general lived in various moments in life, as well as the culture that surrounded them. One time period that comes to mind is the classical period and how compo

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Which is greater? The number of musical "events" that have occurred, or the number of musical "events" that have not occurred (with the word musical "event" being defined as a single note)?

Which is a “greater quantity?”  (1) The number of “musical events” that have occurred?  Or (2) the number of musical events that have not occurred?


The term musical “event” can be defined in the same way that composition software defines it.  A mus

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