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Great Songs

I think that a large amount of compositional energy which might have gone into classical composition has gone to progressive rock, a movement which is sadly largely defunct. But they produced some pretty terrific songs before they died. This is one o

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Annette Peacock

Annette Peacock is the first woman artist to play the Moog synthesizer, invented by Robert Moog, one of the first synthesizers which could actually be performed on stage. She is an avant-garde artist who experimented with free jazz in the late sixtie

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Aaron Copland

Aaron Copland was probably the first American Classical Composer whom everybody in the world agrees is great (I think Gershwin was just as great). He is known for music which draws on American gospel, western music, and the music of the Appalachias.

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Nobuo Uematsu

Hello everyone !
I’m under the impression that our community doesn’t know much about video games, so I’m going to start a thread about my all-time favorite composer: Mr Uematsu.


Nobuo Uematsu is a well-known video game composer. He was born in Japa

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Mr. Bach

It would be impossible to applaud J.S. Bach too much. Perhaps the greatest composer who ever lived. As a young pianist, I learned to play the instrument in part based on learning his two part inventions for piano, which to this day I think are some o

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