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Mingus Changes

"Reincarnation of a Lovebird," in section B, the changes go like this:

B-9  Eb13  G#7(#9) C#+7 F#m(M7)   (The piece is in F#m)

The first change is very strange. 

To see this in black and white, transpose to Am and the B-9 to Eb13 becomes:

D-9 to Gb1

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Darius Milhaud

French classical composers were enchanted with ragtime as a serious music long before Americans considered it to be a serious music. Debussy, for example, wrote a piece based on it. But the best one, IMO, was Darius Milhaud, who wrote 3 pieces based

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Aaron Copland

Aaron Copland is one of my all time favorite composers for several reasons but the principle reason is that he, of all the 20th century composers, seems to me to have done the one thing that is most important: write a tonal, warm, lovely, and emotion

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