This is something I've been fooling with for my next CD project. I'm interested in seeing if it seems to hang together and make any sense to other people :) I'm trying to get a nice dance groove happening without too much attachment to a specific tonal center ( even though a couple tritone ground bass lines are present ) Also: Ignore the sounds -they're internal Finale sounds and this is intended to be played totall live. Fire away folks !! Phil Kelly

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  • Trying to load this file again ..

    F08 Atonal funk exp edit#2.mp3
  • I dig this immensely. Shades of Sam Rivers and his big band music :) Just great man, are you arranging this for a large ensemble ( big band size?) This is sweet, those ensemble sections will sound so phat with saxes, bones, trumpets.. and solos- etc. Awesome man.

    I have something in this vein here: if ya wanna check it out: "Second Chance"

    hi-fi URL:
    • Jamie:

      Thanks for the props to band size, I'm torn between using maybe six horns and trying it with a full 4/4/5 band. Most funk things I've done in the past I usually cut the track and overdub the horns, and this thing is getting complex enough I really think that will be necessary with this puppy!

      I tried to listen to your example ,but my iMac wouldn't let the soundclick through ..can you post the same example here on this Forum?

      Phil K
      • right on! I would to hear this if you end up recording with a live band...

        I posted my piece in the forum, sorry u couldnt get soundclick thru itunes.. peace.

  • hahah Phil i just can never get enough of your wacky lines. You are like Joe Lovano on the score paper. Cant' wait to hear this performed
    • Thanks Chris:

      this is one of several "wacky" things I'm working on for the next CD. ( I'm also balancing them out with several straight ahead things so my "fan base" -mostly old big band nuts over my own age of 70 -doesn't have the vapors :)

      heres another one ...


      • Phil,

        weirdwalz is great, I am looking forward to hearing the next CD! I am working on a CD project myself with some musicians from the bay area over here- a mostly latin jazz type vibe. I woould loave to hear your feedback on it when we finish. take care man...

  • Hi Phil, I like your "wacky" atonal piece. It grooves and is really sophisticated harmonically speaking. I couldn´t feel the "weirdness" of atonality in it. Kind of natural developing of the groove that interacts very well with the brass band. Go ahead! I also want to hear this performed.
  • (New to the forum -- Hi, y'all!)

    Nice. I like it muchly. My one comment would be about the various parallel melody lines. Maybe different w/ live instruments (look forward to that), but the fact that the instruments playing the melodies maintain their interval throughout the line might get a little tiring to the ear. Maybe the intervals change, at important times? Like when you land on a long note? Maybe the second time thru, for a little variety? I don't know, it's pretty cool.
  • Oooh, now "Wierd Walz" I really like. Very nice. Man, let us know when this stuff comes ou!
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