• I enjoyed your composition, your arrangement, and the recording. Well done! -doug
    (...oops, sorry, I guess I was supposed to do a critique. Hmm. The triangle at the end
    could've had more sparkle, maybe more reverb...not sure.)
  • nice piece! I didn't get the ending though..last two minutes or so seemed out of place, was almost like two separate pieces. Wondering what software/synth you used for this.. As is often the case with synths, the winds and brass come across as MIDI and not so real at times. Strings and percussion sound mostly fine in this regard though.. Opening is wonderful, the repeated tympani/bass drum as the heartbeat, beautiful lush music on top. Don't know what else to say- I would love to hear this with a live orchestra! great job...
  • Hi thanks folks for listening -- software was Finale with Garritan Personal Orchestra. the ending, yeah, very different -- it represents the "release" phase of birth when the child becomes a separate being from the mother. It is quite simple compared to the rest and maybe I should re-think it, i meant it to be relatively simple though, to evoke a simple new born consciousness, and the triangle represents the baby's heartbeat -- faster and higher than the mother's timpani beat. I'm not sure what to do about the winds and brass -- I write in the score all markings and Finale plays them, though I think there are ways to tweak the midi controllers underneath for various effects -- but I haven't delved into these much yet. Thanks, both for your input!

    My best,
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