• Hey thanks for the drug induced memories! Now come back here and rip it apart! Give us the bad! How could it be better?
  • OK here goes...the composition and orchestration is wonderful. But by today's standards, some of the voicings bother me. Pretty much whenever I hear sus French horns or trombones, they feel very "MIDI". Also, when there are fast run passages, it tends to feel like a sampler. This is probably because of the akai smaples which, though very good, don't have near the variation in articulations or length that modern libraries have. The brass and string accentuauions(punches, etc) are great but anything that sustains tends to feel fake. However, overall, I love the piece and this would have been a wonderful MIDI temp to go to live orchestra next or by standards a few years ago, a great finished piece. You can send the hate mail to:

    You asked for it
    PO Box 0000
    Shiverpool, Antarctica
  • I think it's really really good, Sweetie.
  • Hi Chris!!
    Well my freind awesome job on this, however I tend to agree with John Doryk with the "midi" sounds and "sampler" sounds. Some parts sound authentic, Good French Horn rips, others sound synthy if you will. It has extreme energy and driving rythmns. It also sounds a bit "dry" to my ears. But the good news is your doing more than I am...I write too many legato works :-)
    • Great piece. Played with a real orchestra I can hear this sounding amazing. I can see a pirate ship sequence listening to this As noted by others some of the parts the MIDI nature is evident, fast runs in particular- in general the "perfectness" maybe quantized MIDI makes it sound mechanical- percussion sounds are good generally, but sometimes dominant in the mix, and something about them sounds a little synthy, but not too bad. horn rips sound great, why is that?? I have played with my EDIROL orchestra software and found the same thing: horn rips sound good, but sustained horns not so Staccato low brass sounds pretty nice. Compositionally sounds solid to my ears, transitions nice, lots of material covered for a demo- exciting strong finish. But this is all coming from someone with not too much experience :)
  • Nice track! My feeling is, you use the best sounds you have at the time so that's that. One thing I really enjoyed was the brass figure at the end. It almost sounded like an African or Afro-Cuban 6/8 (12/8?) figure slammed up against all those sixteenth notes in the drums. Or am I just hearing things?
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