• Thank for you answer Ray,

    Yes, I have seen EW Ministry of Rock, and it definitly rocks, however it is a bit expensive,

    I have Kontakt and Sibelius, is there any less expensive solution that would apply for me ?

    Thank you in advance for your help on this subject.


  • No doubt Quantum Leap's Ministry of Rock is the best of its kind. However its huge, and consumes a lot of memory while functioning.
    A more cheaper and equally effective solution (takes much less memory) would be - using ReFX Slayer2 to generate the electric guitar sound, with Native Instruments Guitar Rig, as an effects device to create the distortion onto it. Amplitube Metal would also help.

    As for example, check out my composed rock instrumental 'escape velocity' , on my profile.
  • I have the Prominy LPC library (the clean version) and it is very good. A little expensive, perhaps, but VERY good. I use Guitar Rig or Amplitube for the grit - gives me more control - but you can get both.

    Also, I hear that RealStrat and RealLPC from MusicLab are pretty good. I only own RealGuitar, and like it...
  • i'd have to second prominy LPC. It's really worlds better than ministry of rock, which in my opinion, kinda sucks. LPC is really in a different league.

    If you go that route, i'd recommend just getting the clean version and using amp simulators to get the tone you want... my favorites are vintage amp room and metal amp room by softube.
  • Thank you for your answer Chris.

    Kind regards,


    Chris Alpiar said:
    The VSL Overdrive is one of the very best electric guitar samples I have ever heard, and the fine details that the VSL team puts in makes it a total win of a purchase...
    Best VST for Rock / Heavy Guitar
    Dear friends, I am looking for a good VST for emulating a great rock guitar, with both clean and distortion effects Any sugestion would be welcome,…
  • RealStrat from Music Lab with a good amp simulator like Guitar Rig 4 from Native Instruments or Amplitube from IK Multimedia
    that will do the work
    i have a library call Electricity from Vir2 . But to heavy . much time to load .some drop outs on the audio . is a pain in the ass
    it has really good articulations that realstrat dont. but a thing that RealStrat do the Job very well . and it runs very Smooth

    pd. Ministers or rock sound bad ass . i can Afford it Right now .
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