I recently went on a journey without even having a map. Due to some financial problems I started to take money for my work and since I'm pretty unexperienced with everything about this genre I'm completely clueless about the pricing. Due to the fact that I compose since just 2 years without having almost no reputation I consider my work as some kind of substandard, having no references makes it even worse. Is there something like an average pricing per minute for pros an non-professionals? With my first commission I took about 20$ for a 2 minute length track, having worked on it for 5 days makes me feel that it was far too less for the amount of work I've spent on it. It makes me wonder what music is worth nowadays in general. I'd love to hear what you think about it, I think everyone who composes for a living now was in the same, or at least in a similar situation once.

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  • I just checked out the IAC. Seems like a great resource. Thanks for the tip; I just joined.

    Glenn Simonelli
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