hey guys i'm sure a lot of you use the larger higherend sample libraries. i'm guessing i'll have to get a faster *separate* computer just to run my orchestra on and then use spidf to record it on my audio computer. is there a standard way of getting it all done "in the box"? how much memory does it take to get a stable 16 instrument orchestra? what do you guys use? thanks dain

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  • Hi Dain. That's basically what I have (EWQLSO Plat Pro XP.) I do it all in one box. The secret is drive speed. Step one for you: max out ram (4 gigs max with 32bit os.) Get either a RAID array or at least a fast / separate drive for samples (WD RAPTOR 150.) The Kompakt player will let you tweak how much of the sample loads into ram vs how much streams from disk. Modify this to make as much stream from disk as your 16part requirements allows (and disk setup can handle.) The rest will load into ram.

    The dream setup would be: 64bit os - 16gis or so of ram - raid 5 array using raptor drives - 2 dual core 64 bit processors - 64 bit sequencer - samples all in "PLAY advanced sample engine."
    • wow, i was just telling my girl how cheap computers are finally fast enough for all audio applications and now this! thanks for the advice, i was using the same drive for audio AND samples and it was running a bit sluggish.

      has anyone used vista for this app yet?
      • The actual application running the samples is NI's Kompakt. It's a trimmed down version of Kontakt, and the samples will run in Kontakt 1 and 2. Kontakt 2 will run great in Vista 32 and 64 bit, so that's an option. I was messing with a 64 bit boot drive, I think I might try to get that working again. Line 6 did not have or plan to make any 64bit drivers before...
  • yeah,
    everything should be on seperate drives for best performance,

    audio/sessions on audio drive
    Samples on Ext drive (FW800 if possible.)
    Applications on main drive
    Also Kontakt 2.2 crossgrade from Kompakt will vastly improve RAM/CPU usage.
    I use;
    MacG5 Quadcore 2.5Ghz/6.5 RAM
    External G-TECH G-RAID FW800 H.Drive for all sample libraries.
    EW Platinum Pro XP
    EW S.Choirs
    ProjectSam Symphonic Brass
    ProjectSam Trustrike 2
    EW RA
    VSL (K.2 version)
    EZ Drummer/DFH.
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