What do you think about a programs from EW.QL factory? How it works? I mean: Orchestra, Choirs, Colossus etc. is it possible to make all music by those programms (film music, theatre music, commercial music)? i've heard same demos on YouTube.com. It sound incredible! I make music by Cakewalk Sonar 7. I use Cooedit Pro 2.0, plugins: Waves Diamond Bundle and PSP. I have keyboards: yamaha /old/ and steering-kbd: OBERHEIM MC 1000 88 keys (very heavy and good, without a sound) and same sound modules. My soundcard: E-MU 0404, PC-computer, My idea is to buy EW.QL orchestra Silver or Gold edition. Unfortunately, Platinum edition is too expansive for my pocket. My midi-demos: www.robertpiotr65.wrzuta.pl. I'd like to start by Orchestra ar Colossus, maybe Native Instruments (Reaktor 5, Absynth) in a future?

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  • Many thanx for an answer! Yes, You're right. I've heard 'bout a 'Storm drum Intakt'. It's a realy "storm" of sounds (if we talk of percussion/drums)! Little bit about EW.QL Symphonic Choirs: You can see 8 part of tutorials here:

    it's a first part of 8 only, but You can find other 7 so easy..
    When I saw this tutorial a first time, I was on my knees! You can write any words and your choir will sing it! The only thing is to teach yourself how to do it fine, so ypor choir understund how to sing right! incredible!
    yes, I have 14-day demo of EW.QL Symphonic Orchestra! It's oncredible too! Especially, 3 PIANOS in it. I must have it! I need that jazz-piano! But a second (Elton John-like) is good too! third..little bit less, but I prefere a smoother sound like first one...If you add some effect, you can record many good songs with it, but if you add some wood instruments, violines, voices... you have now all music dinner!!!! i buy it soon!
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  • hello! i have a problem: if i use silver or gold orchestra it's fine if i play standalone but...i cannot hear anthing if i use sonar. all works fine, i see even kaybord in orchestra works good/if i press kbds in my steering machine, but nothing hear. other programs, like 'collossus' or NI b4 II, or stormdrum work good with sound, but not orchestra. wat's a problem??
  • I will bay Komplete 5. it's a most of NI instruments inside of it..and only one registration!
  • what kind of system U use to compose? I have XP home edition. I use 4gb of RAM memmory but XP )(by Bill Gates off course) sees only 3,17gb. for example, in my Sonar 7.0 with Collossuss and Stormdrum I.(both VST vers.) it's very hard to put inside piano from Collossus without a 'crashing'! 3Gb pianos it's impossible! I think, I must change for MC (I mean: buy a new computer unfortunatelly) or Vista with a newest service pack I
  • Hi Jan,

    This is more like a pro setup and nice to see others using this.

    On a Mac at least, the 4GB limit thing can be overcome many ways. At the moment I have 8GB and with PLAY and VSL Ensemble running outside of Cubase I can use way more than 4GB. When Kontakt 3.5 goes GA (around mid-July if my contact is right) then I'll look at upgrading from 8 to 16 GB of RAM.

    To answer the original poster, EW Gold is good but I feel that without Platinum and the close samples, you often find that you lack punch and everything gets a little woolly and undefined. Also, samples that enormous and reverberent by themselves sound muddy when mixed with lots of other samples recorded the same way.
  • Keep in mind the 'public beta' of kontakt 3.5 is ONLY available to registered owners of kontakt 3
  • EMU?? For samples? I dunno I have a ton of their Emulator X libraries, as I was on their composer team for a short while, and their stuff is pretty consumer-ish IMO. Their orchestra stuff has some nice features (like automatic up/down stroke algorithm for strings) but they are pretty much at the bottom of the barrel for sound libraries, also they are only PC not mac and you have to keep them up like a template - they treat the samples like a ROM package on a digital synth, so you always have the last setup loaded, at least thats how it was when they released Emulator X
  • ahhh awesome I didnt know the new beta was up, I am so sick of those popup reminders lol
  • hmmm something seems wrong with that Jan, as a programmer I would say that 4.33 Gigs for ONE hihat would have to have like 800 layers of different samples, what would be the point?
  • I own EWQLSO, as well as their Choirs and the RA library and the Bosendorfer piano, I have them all on PLAY now as well. They are really well done and sound great together. It however has issues. They record their samples "WET" on a stage with natural positioning built into the sounds. That means that if you load up a full orchestra of EWQLSO it sounds all perfect, as they are meant to be loaded without any working knowledge of reverb and acoustics, etc. However that makes it very difficult to add any non-EWQL sounds in your mix, and you are also forced to use that particular stage/room sound as your orchestra sound. If you get the platinum version, there are 3 different mic positions which allow you to use a close mic position and then its much easier to mix with other instruments or to make a different room sound. The only other negative of EWQL is the choirs 'wordbuilder' tool is a major pain in the butt to use. Its a totally cool idea but if you want to have the choir sing "PECUNIUM ET PUELLUM CANTAT EN GRECIUM" then you will spend about 3 days laboring lol ;-) But the choirs themselves sound sublime, a very good buy

    The VSL Vienna Instruments are still far superior to the East West stuff, but they are priced that way as well. But there are certain tools with VSL that no library has that are super advanced and help your performances sound much more live and real.
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