virtual pianos...your thoughts

Hey guys, I'm new here...glad to have found this place. I'm looking for a very accurate piano VST...I know of all the popular ones like ivory and Akoustic PNO, but i'm looking for one in particular that is supposed to give Ivory a run for its money. I actually heard it at a TV composer's studio and I didn't write the name of it down!!!! Arghhh!! Has any one heard of this new piano library???

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  • I don't know about any new piano libraries but 2 great ones are Art Vista Virtual Grand and the Bluthner One.
  • James,

    That's what i was looking for...the Bluthner One! Thanks so much for your response!!!

  • Ivory Italian Grand is one of best piano emulating environment ever. But there are others as well. East West's Bosendorfer might be a good choice. Also Steinberg's 'The Grand' , Native Instruments Akoustik or Elektrik piano, or Reason Pianos Refill.
    But I think the sounds from Ivory are unmatched in quality. I don't have it though :(
    • I also recommend ArtVista's Malmsjo piano... It's beautiful for minimalist pieces and we've heard it all over many modern film scores. James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer use it frequently.
  • I can only comment on what I have used and Steinberg's 'The Grand' is very good. Personally I ditched synthesizers in favor of virtual instruments about six years ago, all the work I do now uses nothing but the virtual environment.
  • DId you end up picking a piano library?

    If not, you might want to check out Purgatory Creek's Digital Piano Shoot-Out:

    They have a number of audio files of the different digital pianos, romplers, and samplers playing the same MIDI file, so it's an interesting comparison.

    Does anyone here have any opinions on Pianoteq?
  • I second the Garritan Authorized Steinway. Absolutely gorgeous! It's very playable live or sequenced.
  • Very cool! I just played around with the Pianoteq demo and I was pretty impressed.
  • One of my favorites is Grandioso Steinway D, it has a really big and rich steinway sound, the soft notes have so much character. But its an older gigastudio sample. There is however a new one from VSL that should be unfreakingbelievable, the Vienna Imperial here:

    it has 1200 recorded samples *per key* haha, but its also almost 900 bucks so its quite costly. but i think, as with all things VSL, it is the lamborghini of sampled instruments.

    There is also a new one from EWQL, Im sure its also amazing, and just like other eastwest - its going to be excellent and professional, but not quite on the level of VSL. If i had budget for a new piano instrument, it would be VSL or EWQL one tho
  • "it just says play me"

    Hi Ray,
    That's very well put. It sounds so simple and obvious, yet its intangible and complex. In the end, if the instrument (virtual or not) can speak to us and inspire us, it doesn't matter what other people think.
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