This is my composition for classical guitar and orchestra. It's a sort of rondo form. I play on it, live, and the other sounds are (as ever) a virtual orchestration. Hope U like it, let me know what you think. The MP3 is here: and you can see me playing it on youtube here: cheers, Adrian.

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  • The audio on youtube is always poor - as they use so much file compression. Is it that you don't want to get a virus from the download ? (I think that's unlikely) - because you can only really hear it properly on that medium.

    I'll upload the MP3 onto my page so you can listen again.


    • And it's now done - so if anyone else wants to listen to in on my page, it's there - and I'll do that with all subsequent pieces as well.
  • Fair enough, you didn't like it, others did, so each to their own, I suppose. It wasn't conceived in the same way as the symphonic poem, as that was an exercise in development, and this is a rondo. But thanks for listening anyway.
  • conceptually this is a nice piece, tho I kind of agree, if not quite as vehemently on the comments here, it does kind of drag on and not really arrive someplace. But the general idea is good. There are some obvious performance issues with timing being a little off on the guitar and the strings are not matching the offness of the guitar but are kind of more off than the guitar leaving you feeling pretty unsatisfied.

    I think as a composition tho its nice and if you had a live orchestra and guitarist play it it could start to shine, but you still would probably want to consider a new movement somewhere in there

    Dont forget "music dissection" is not a warm fuzzy forum to get pats on the back, but it is indeed for being critiqued ;-)
    • cheers

      I agree with the comments you make. It's pretty hard to get everything totally on cue with my equipment , so after many hours time warping, I reached a compromise - as I was actually making it worse rather than better.

      I'm well aware of the twin issues of variety in the composition and synching in the recording.

      My guess was that the experienced would spot this, but the general public would be more taken by the overall feel and romance of the theme.

      And judging between the reservations made here, and the unadulterated praise on youtube, I think I predicted right.

      I can capture a "mood" and write a melody but my technical skills are not always there yet.

      With each new piece I submit, my aim is to close the gap between the two camps - and it's been a steep learning curve for me, having relatively little experience in recording and music ICT.

      Thanks for listening.
  • You are of course right in a way - I wrote this piece 10 years ago, and it's been resurrected, because people enjoyed it at the time (when I still used to practise and play the guitar).

    And I wanted the challenge of combining real instruments with virtual sounds (to see if it could be done), so I used an old composition as a test piece.

    I've moved on since then - and I expect a key change every eight bars when I'm composing now !

    It's a romantic rondo that seems to appeal to a general audience (see comment below), but I'm aware that it doesn't have enough variety for more seasoned critics, and I would do it differently now.
  • Thanks for your comments, Ray.

    I'd hate you to think that I can't take criticism, because I hope that I can.

    I spent all last night dragging that audio about to try to sort out the worst of the synch issues. I think it's a bit better now - and it's on my page if you're still interested.

    I even re-did the youtube video, making the orchestra higher in the mix, and adding some of my own filming to "justify" the new version (for those who might see it as a double posting). However, the way that Youtube compresses audio means that it's still not as clear as it should be, far from it in fact. It is better on other video-hosting sites.

    Thanks again, and I'll keep trying - but I'm going to leave this piece alone for a while now, before it drives me completely mad, and enjoy the half term.

  • Don't worry, you'll get to where you need to be, as long as you stick with it.

    I was listening to it and then I sort of lost interest, because it didn't surprise me.
    I gravitate to the other extreme- music like Elfman's, that constantly changes and
    often unexpectedly. If I were you, I'd look at the entire structure, from a point of
    view of emotional 'color'. There should be highs and lows, and drama, rather than
    an even tone. And when you do create music for a very even 'scene', you have
    to spice it up to balance the lack of emotional changes. By that I mean, a variety
    of elements, ranging from shifting rhythms to subtle variations in foreground elements.
    ie Hendrix used dramatic variations of rhythms in one of his last compositions, 'Freedom'.
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