Hello my dear friends and composers. I just posted a new compostiion for fun for Halloween under my profile called Toccata & Fugue D Minor. It consists of EWQL Gold XP, Stormdrum, Atmospheres, Peter Seidlecheks Complete Orchestra, MOTU Symphonic Orchestra It's just a fun piece that I threw together overnight. I am sure it needs tweaking. Its a modern version of Bachs Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. Let me know what you think. You can also listen to the same thing at my website... spdmusicpriductions.com! Thanks and hope to hear from you soon! Stephen

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  • its tricky to mix pipe organ with other instruments. Hard enough with orchestral sounds, and harder with "cinematic" sound design and instruments. There are a lot of elements that i like here (like the little runs up in the strings, assuming its written and not a sample of the riff) but for me re-hashing bach in this way doesnt quite work for me. Maybe if you took the melody and made a variation and used something other then pipe organ to play it it would sit better for me. nice work in there tho! Keep on doing it :)
    • Hey Thanks Chris for your responce. Finally somebody noticed my work. I am glad that you like the elements of this modern arragement. I really just pieced it together for halloween fun. I am not sure what I wanted the score to be . Yes the string runs are real arppagioslayed by me. Good idea about using another main instrument in this piece instead of the organ, although I was just trying to make it spookie and the organ being authentic seemed to fit. I appreciate your honesty and critique. I will keep doing it as you so advised!!
      Thanks my friend!
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