• I toyed with the demo for a while and loved it, but finally decided that I would't really dive into the programming, and thus did not buy it. The audio demos for it are amazing. No samples used!
    • So you found that it actually required more work finessing performances than other libraries? I was under the impression that real-time performances produced fairly good results that only needed a bit of tweaking in order to be useable. As well, one of the most common comments I've heard is that it's best used with another library blended.
      • It's been about a year, but I remember it sounded drastically different from any library. And yes, a real time performance already sounded awesome, but to tweak anything was a pain for me.
  • I downloaded the demo and played around with it for a bit. Wasn't able to do that much with it but the demo only lasted for 10 days and I didn't spend a lot of time at it. Chris is right though, so of the demos are very good. It is definitely a technology that might have a bright future. Right now though, there are a lot of other things I would spend the $500 on.
  • Have you got an orchestral library like EWQL? If so, does it really add anything? I tried the demo and liked the quick playability but would only consider it if the price dropped because I would only ever see it as a useful extra rather than a complete orchestral tool.
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