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Was this a straight improvisation? As in, you just recorded it all in one go? If so, I have to say you are quite talented at improvisation! Many parts sound almost like carefully-written counterpoint rather than just improvisation. Toward the end I seem to hear some quotations from Bach's Brandenburg concertos...

I think you have good materials here that can be worked into an actual piece. The improvisation, as it stands, is a bit lacking in direction, although it's pretty good as an improvisation, esp. if it was done straight up in one sitting. For an actual piece you'd want to put a little more work into refining it, I think. I felt like it was just a stream of good ideas that seem to want to go somewhere, but the piece ended before we actually got there. I think you could make a pretty good piece out of this if you were to transcribe it and work on refining the form a bit more.

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