Here are 3 pieces I composed over the last year. I play them 3 nights a week at my regular dining room job and whenever I play in Manhattan. They are fun to listen to and fun to play if you have the chops. I must put the links in for you to hear them as this upload only allows 7 or less Mb and each is better than that.

   Two of the pieces are of a jazz classical rock type. The other is a boogie woogie with a non stop left hand.

     I am hoping to get another apt pianist to use one or all of them in their regular performances. They always draw a large stem of applause for me. If you like any of them and would like to learn them, I will send you the digital copy if you like.

                         Thanks for your time.

                                                             Farmer George


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  • Very nice, George!  I enjoyed them very much.  I don't believe I've encountered such a proficient composer and pianist that is a farmer by day.  Kudos for making the time to explore your creativity!


  •    Thanks very much. Would you like to hear a piano concerto type I did called DONALD AND THE WALL ? Piano parts are good but orchestration not so good. My instruments are all I can afford although i am not complaining. I play everything on a Casio privia Digital in multracks for all instruments.

        Thanks for your reply. YOU ARE THE FIRST since I posted this quite some time back.

  • DONALD and the WALL (a tribute in radical classical form, to those who are not true idiots) is your title, and is a depiction of a sociopathic child going through a head-banging experience - very interesting Farmer George. You will see that due to a lack of time I've gone directly to this piece rather than commenting on your original post.

    I find the balance is excellent as I can hear every individual part clearly - and what a listen it is. I can easily imagine this being performed at a public concert and being well received by the audience. Being on a budget and having limited tools I think you've managed the orchestration pretty well.

    I'm sure that there are some musical references that I have failed to pick up on (based on your title and description) but that hasn't in any way reduced the overall pleasure of listening to it.

    Thanks for posting and for being so patient in awaiting a response from us all.

  • You got my idea right on point. Thank you. Good to hear my message got through to someone well versed enough in music to hear what I was trying to put across.Have a great afternoon. I have to go back out and finish feeding the goats. 

  • Sorry I'm late to the dance with a  reply.  Listened to your politically-charged piano work and definitely heard the depiction of "Donald" as you laid out :)  lol  There's a Gershwin-esque feel to some of your piano passages, and I enjoyed how after the very busy opening, you let the piece breathe for a moment before the return to angst, turmoil, and rage!  

    It seems that music for you allows you to explore your energetic side in light of what I imagine is a more tranquil and peaceful existence as a farmer.  For many, music is the opposite...corporate rat race, hustle and bustle by day, and music becomes the reflective, meditative release from the tension of life.



  •    You are probably correct about that. I do love Gershwin. I play the Rhapsody in Blue 3-4 nights a week. I am lucky enough to be able to play on my farm in the daytime with my animals and play at night with my piano. I work in a resturant a few miles from my farm for more than 10 years now 3 nights a week. I also work in Manhattan for private parties once in a while as I still have a good following there from years ago. Music has always paid the bills.

            Donald still owes me $300 from a night I did at the Taj 30 years ago.  He refused to pay the agency that booked me.I also have a similiar piece with the same type subject matter I call  THE MARRIAGE OF TRUMP AND PUTIN. One can hear the courtship, the marriage and the happy ending. Thanks again



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