3 one-minute samplers of my music

Hi everyone! My goal is write music for film/tv/advertising and I'm very interested in getting feedback on the 3 one-minute "samplers" I have uploaded. In particular, I would like to know:

- which bits sound the most/least professional?

- what you think of the way I have presented them (in this sampler format, organised by genre)?

Thank you in advance!

the Birdball sampler.mp3

the tense sampler.mp3

the grandiose sampler.mp3

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  • I enjoyed the first one .....but I'm not norm.

    The second sounds similar to the first, and they all have a touch of A.D.D.

    To say which sounds pro, is pointless....Pro means to get paid for your work...

    AND what is this hugemongous(sp?) obsession that everyone has writing for film/tv..how about creating for self expression first and $$, 2nd(my opinion)....A lost art. uggg

  • If you want some meaningful feedback, you should post a few full length tracks.  There were several "bits" I thought were promising, but I need more than a few seconds to decide if I like it or not.

    The speed at which you changed songs was rather annoying for the reason above.  If your set on using the "sampler" method of demoing your work, I would suggest you take 20-30 seconds of a few tracks you think best showcase your ability.  What you have now is too little, too fast.

    There are many talented and helpful people here, who I think would be willing to offer their opinion, but they (and I) need more to go on.   


  • Thanks so much for your comments Vincent, Nathan and Frederick! You've all made good points. In particular, my "sampler" format doesn't seem best suited to this forum. Full pieces to come...

  • Hello Arun, I find some interest in the first two pieces, the 3rd is too short to comment on. You clearly have strong control over creating and mixing different sounds together and lots of creative idea-snippets. I don't see how anything you've presented here leads to film/tv/advertising. As far as the short format, it's unusual for this forum but I don't personally mind it, in fact I think I would have a hard time listening to a long work if all it is is snippets. I like to hear music develop and advance and I'm not sure I see how the ideas you've presented here could do that. Thanks for posting and best to you -

  • 1. Sounds like music for a televised cartoon. Hear no issues with the mix.I liked this the most.

    2. Dramatic, hobbitesque filmic short piece. It sounds unmixed and I don't like the samples used. Are you blendning orchestral with "synth"- virtual instruments? But it depends on what context it is meant for.

    3. Filmic, better (more pro) than the last. The soundscape (ochestral) sounds more natural (to me).

    Yes, do upload complete pieces when you havew them :)

  • @ raymond I believe you are better of making quality rather than quantity when composing for the royalty free libraries. Those who make a living doing this all have a high quality of music.

    Some even make a living with less than 150 tracks, but to do this you have to be really good.

    Also I don't believe the market is saturated, there is always room for good composers. I have 26 tracks online at various libraries and last month I made $150. I have not done much promotion yet...

    @Arun I like your music and think you can sell it for advertising / TV . Also I fully get why you want to try and make some money of your music. If you're interested in the whole library thing you should take a look at my blog.

    I don't like the way you have represented your music and as a video producer I would find very hard to learn if you music could be used. Typically you will be asked for your best tracks when being considered for inclusion in a library. This also goes for companies that make a living pitching music to film and TV.

    I think the last sample sounds best, but the quality of the productions could be improved. Perhaps some better samples and high quality reverb.

    If you work hard I'm sure you can make it in the music business, but it sure wont come easy.

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