• I spent more time looking at the score than listening, so these comments are mainly structural, but that may help you on where to progress to.

    1st 4 bars, consider as theme a.  Next 4 bars are like a repeat, with variation - a' - with bars 5 and 6 identical and the moving away from a straight repeat in 7 and 8.  The next section causes me some trouble, as 9 is the same as 4, 10=1 and 11=2, 12 is similar to 3, but varied - another variation but this time it's the order that's changing.  13 =9, so start of next 4 bars, looking to vary order again?

    The whole leaves me with the feeling that this is the development stage of a theme, so consider using the first 4 bars as a theme, stated in full at the start.  Consider a 2nd theme, and develop that in similar fashion.  A mini sonata, in other words.


  • Thank you both Susan and Alan! Your comments are really helpful and I will keep them in mind when I dive back into my piece. 

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