• Great stuff Bob, thanks for posting. "Bach on the wrong notes", that's an insult I could live with!

    I'll ask you the same question I asked Gav, do you know how this forum managed to resurrect itself?

  • Your welcome Ingo--and I asked Gav the same question!

    Id really like to know if new people own it and are running it etc.

    Bottom line though is Im glad its back:)

    Thanks Bob

  • Excellent stuff, Bob! 

  • Thanks Socrates!

  • a little surprised this didn't make the list :

    "Vivaldi did not write 400 concertos; he wrote one concerto 400 times." Stravinsky

    2 books come to mind:  "Composers on composers" by Fisk.. a wonderfully entertaining, funny and candid, and interesting back stories..

    "Lexicon of Musical invective" by Slonimsky 

    Also, much of the musical reviews by Shaw can be quite spicy..- when he was writing for a paper.. (iirc) in the 1890's 

  • Thanks--for the Fisk all I could find was this:"Composers+on+music"++Fisk&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwii2Jbd0LnWAhUp04MKHf7CAqAQ6AEIJjAA#v=onepage&q="Composers on music" Fisk&f=false

    Thanks Bob

    Composers On Music
    Sam Morgenstern's classic anthology, now thoroughly updated with new selections and commentary reflecting recent music scholarship.
  • The Lexicon is very well known:

    Please look at the Contents and pick a composer...

    Thanks Bob

    Lexicon of Musical Invective
    A snakeful of critical venom aimed at the composers and the classics of nineteenth- and twentieth-century music. Who wrote advanced cat music? What c…
  • These old white dudes sure were vicious towards each other ;D 

  • NICE!

    Although I suppose political correctness forbade the author giving a few Beecham quotes.

    It reminded me of one of my musical text books (I've only ever had two: Kitson on Elementary Harmony) and Bluff Your Way in Music. It was from that I learned useful things like Tchaikovsky: was born too early to write for films thus missed a great opportunity to be rich and successful. Beethoven is regarded as a public company in which a number of people have shares....

    and on...important stuff if you need to talk about music.

  • By comparison we on CF appear to be very kind when reacting to each other's music - mayhap we have more sensitive egos than in days of yore!

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