• Hi Mike,

    On morning mist - you have a very expressive and subtle way of playing.   I like the spacing of the melodic phrases, and the carefully  chosen notes.. very minimal and poignant!  Very nice harmonic movement.   I like the vibe a lot. (reminds me a bit of Chet Baker's moody stuff, which i like very much).

    The only thing i was missing, (and maybe i wouldn't upon a 2nd listening) was a bit more of an emotional lift (intensity) about 2/3's way thru… which you kind of did… but i was hoping for a tad more..

    Really great stuff!

    I listened to 'Rory's' , but the browser cuts out about half way.. what i heard was pretty funky :)

  • you right on about needing "an emotional lift (intensity)" I wonder if playing with a live band would help that.

  • yes, a live band…  That live interaction could spark things… This is a beautiful piece.  It deserves a live band!

    (i am sure you understand, that i meant to have that 'lift' about 2/3's was thru, to set a bit more contrast when 'coming back').

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