10 Scores Found on Youtube

Hello Colleagues,

I spent the last several months searching for new music on YouTube and found some very interesting ones, thought I'd share with you in case you have interest. These are all composers I had never heard of before and are all, except for the last two, piano compositions -

1) Leonard Pennario - Midnight on the Cliffs (1942) - incredibly romantic piece, used as the score in the movie "Julie" (1957). Transcribed from the composer's performance

2) Hiromi Uehara - The Tom and Jerry Show (2003) - a fun piece with virtuosic playing, performed by the composer I think

3) Ippolito Parrinello - Suite in Just Intonation (2018) - Tender and lovely, and a bit odd, in a nice way

4) Yohan Kim - Isn't She Lovely (uploaded 2018) - Wonderful arrangement of a Stevie Wonder Song, showing a blending of jazz and pop styles.

5) Junichi Masuda - Pallet Town Theme (uploaded 2017) - from a video game I think, very jazzy and very cool

6) Ichinose Go - Route 216 (uploaded 2017) - Also from a video game, love this one

7) Dirty Loops (unknown author) - Hit Me (uploaded 2016) - I think this might be an arrangement of the same song as no. 6

8) Rentaro Taki - Flowers (uploaded 2017) Author died in 1903, so this seems to be a modern arrangement

9) Lukas Sommer - Calm, Fantasy for Guitar (2008) - weird and wonderful. Interesting score

10) Unknown Author - 88 Fingers Edward (uploaded 2016) - 30 seconds of fantastic slide guitar

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  • Midnight on the Cliffs - pah! Easy to play once I've grown another four fingers.

    All of these are, in their own ways, outstanding and I can see precisely why you've selected them...it also gives a better understanding of what you personally do and don't like musically.

    Thanks for posting them Gav - gives us all something to aspire to.



  • Glad you enjoyed Stephen, and I had the same thought about the Pennario - easy, but for the lack of a few extra fingers here and there. I am increasingly turning to YT as a good place not only to find compositions, but also other things - a lot of instructional videos for example, as well as a lot of “how to break into the business” advice
  • Hey, I play Tom and Jerry. Hiromi in general is a crazy rollercoaster ride. I recommend most of her stuff (especially the works that abuse synthesizers).

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