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Basic question about first species counterpoint.

According to One should "Avoid combining similar motion with leaps". But similar motion requir…

Started by James Hutchings

2 Nov 11, 2020
Reply by James Hutchings

Five by Five

I accepted an invitation to write a short piece using only five unique chords. Two things about this: 1. It uses substituted dominants ba…

Started by Michael Lofting

5 Sep 8, 2020
Reply by Michael Lofting

Your composing life

This is a collection of questions, which may be somewhat basic (and could even appear naive - but they are not), to stimulate thoughts on t…

Started by Tillerich

4 Aug 26, 2020
Reply by H. S. Teoh

About our drives and ways

I think music is way more about wisdom (as in dealing with the ambiguous) and judgment (as a sense, a sense that is in aligment with realit…

Started by Lucas Oliveira Krumenaur

20 Jul 14, 2020
Reply by Liz Atems

Forthcoming talk on the Newtonal principle

I'm giving a short talk for the London Composers Forum on the Newtonal principle, and the technique of Thomes & Phaees, this coming Mon…

Started by Nick Capocci

2 Mar 13, 2020
Reply by Nick Capocci

Effective spotting

I'm new to this forum, so 'hi' :-) I have to admit, the hardest part for me is spotting correctly. Do it wrong, and you waste a lot of tim…

Started by Markus Stone

2 Jul 28, 2019
Reply by Markus Stone

Which way you prefer for composing

1: Using FL studio or other software to compose directly. 2: Humming or playing with an instrument, then interpret into notation. 3: Writin…

Started by Xiang Li

8 Jul 7, 2019
Reply by Jon Corelis

Question about Notation

Hello, everyone! I look forward to joining in on some musical discussions as most of my peers aren't all that into sitting for hours decidi…

Started by Matt Baker

13 May 18, 2019
Reply by Matt Baker

Specific goal in tricky time signature

I'm a mostly self-taught composer working on an opera that sets a prose text.  The time signatures change wildly to reflect speech rhythms.…

Started by Scott Andrew Hutchins

19 Nov 10, 2018
Reply by Stephen Lines

How can I learn to write atonal music?

I want to ask the question that was suggested in another thread because I think it's important. The question is: How should an inexperience…

Started by Ingo Lee

88 Jul 23, 2018
Reply by Nick Capocci


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