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Specific goal in tricky time signature

I'm a mostly self-taught composer working on an opera that sets a prose text.  The time signatures change wildly to reflect speech rhythms.…

Started by Scott Andrew Hutchins

19 Nov 10
Reply by Stephen Lines

How can I learn to write atonal music?

I want to ask the question that was suggested in another thread because I think it's important. The question is: How should an inexperience…

Started by Ingo Lee

88 Jul 23
Reply by Nick Capocci

How to Compose Epic Music

Thanks Bob

Started by Bob Morabito

3 Jun 20
Reply by Bob Morabito

Writing a Passacaglia

Hello, I am planning to write a Passacaglia for small orchestra on an already given theme. It is meant to be relatively modern, but (mostly…

Started by Tillerich

10 May 19
Reply by Socrates Arvanitakis

Finding my American Voice

Hi Colleagues, Recently the phrase "Finding an American Voice" came up in a post Julie Harris put up about her excellent work "Shortnin' Br…

Started by Gav Brown

12 Apr 14
Reply by Gav Brown

Which way you prefer for composing

1: Using FL studio or other software to compose directly. 2: Humming or playing with an instrument, then interpret into notation. 3: Writin…

Started by Xiang Li

6 Mar 11
Reply by Dave Dexter

Transitions between parts

Hi there~ Right now I'm working on a winds quartet that has multiple movements and sections. But I find I struggle with writing transitions…

Started by Notori

3 Mar 7
Reply by Bob Morabito

Neo-Riemannian theory - an intriguing and practical harmonic visualization concept that I love and use

I don’t know if this is old news and everybody knows this already but find this super interesting and useful so I Share it: https://youtub…

Started by Timo Schuemer

0 Feb 23

composing 'technique'

What do you think... I'm having thoughts - (post doing some composing coaching) - about composing technique. Keeping in mind of course my f…

Started by Robert Harvey

22 Feb 13
Reply by Dave Dexter

Music that conveys a visual scene

Hello everyone, a couple questions. I would like to develop the skill of composing music that depicts or seems to suggest a visual scene or…

Started by LeviathaninWaves

9 Feb 8
Reply by LeviathaninWaves


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