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Week06 Woodwinds again.

I FINALE can let go of this frustrating notation program as I had the NOTION to buy one the works very well and is so easy to use. It is pr…

Started by Stanley King

3 Feb 12
Reply by Bob Porter

21XX AD - TEST28

A futuristic themed track.

Started by Tadagumi

1 Feb 12
Reply by Gav Brown

Jazz waltzes

Or maybe just waltzes with lots of major 7ths. This is an entry for a recorder composition competition; it needs to be for SATB, so my use…

Started by Victor Eijkhout

5 Feb 12
Reply by Victor Eijkhout

What does a conductor do?

This is one of the most common questions that I have been asked over many years. If anyone else has had difficulty in giving an adequate/el…

Started by Stephen Lines

50 Feb 12
Reply by Stephen Lines

This week's accidental composition.

This is short because I spent most of the week setting up and trying to use a notation program with Kontakt sounds. Still haven't got it ri…

Started by Stanley King

12 Feb 12
Reply by Stanley King

Phoenix Rising for String Quartet

I just finished reading the conversation about the frustration of using DAWS on another thread, and was reminded of this piece for string q…

Started by David Carovillano

21 Feb 11
Reply by David Carovillano

Farewell Theme (Strings - 2'55")

Written a couple of years ago. I'm redrafting the score; have used it to try out this VSL starter kit I bought. A right palaver to set up;…

Started by Dane Aubrun

13 Feb 11
Reply by Colin Dougall

We keep pushing the boundaries of writing for recorder

This is scored for two alto recorders, one bass recorder, and one contrabass recorder. The slightly unnatural sound comes from the fact tha…

Started by Victor Eijkhout

6 Feb 10
Reply by Victor Eijkhout

Journey Through the Galaxy

Hi everyone, Tell me what you think about this track I made.

Started by Tadagumi

3 Feb 10
Reply by Victor Eijkhout

Advice on harmony and chords

I would like to know what you think about some of these tracks, what could be improved, etc. A spooky ambient track:…

Started by Tadagumi

2 Feb 7
Reply by Gav Brown


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