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First verse: just melody line Second verse: same melody line + bassline/counterpoint Third verse: same melody line in canon https://soundcl…

Started by Jostein Kauserud

4 5 hours ago
Reply by Dane Aubrun


Here is a little something for small orchestra to, just for the fun of it, offset the ensemble works that have been posted lately. A short…

Started by Bob Porter

4 8 hours ago
Reply by Kjell Prytz

Classical Waltz for String Orchestra

Good evening, this is an attempt to create a classical waltz in a somewhat old-fashioned style aimed for dancing, although the tempo is not…

Started by Kjell Prytz

10 8 hours ago
Reply by Kjell Prytz

The Road to Perdition

Some of you will recall that I posted a discussion with the same title as this one a few weeks ago. I am re-posting due to several requests…

Started by Stephen Lines

13 10 hours ago
Reply by Bob Porter

Change "An Original Tune"

Hello everyone,  I would like to share with you my latest piano tune "Change"; An eastern taste that dives right into a western flavor. I w…

Started by Islam Y.Omari

10 yesterday
Reply by Islam Y.Omari

Olivér Kovács - Dark Matter

Hello Again, Here's my newest dark mood track, with some kind of dubstep drums. What do you think? Write below! You can help me to promote…

Started by Olivér Kovács

8 yesterday
Reply by Olivér Kovács

Dance for Cello Quartet (2' 12")

A light-hearted piece inspired by the Caribbean. It isn’t in any Caribbean dance-form nor based on local tunes – just the atmosphere. Not m…

Started by Dane Aubrun

15 on Saturday
Reply by Islam Y.Omari

In the Jungle - Woodwind Quintet

Hello Colleagues, I've been experimenting with writing for classical instrumentms in the last year or so (mostly in the past I have compose…

Started by Gav Brown

16 on Saturday
Reply by Gav Brown

A piano solo in the form of a love letter.

Hello everyone, I wrote this song with the aim to express it as a form of a love letter. It is a very short piece. I am simply looking for…

Started by Songwon

3 on Saturday
Reply by Songwon

The Arrival - Clarinet Quintet

I wrote this piece for clarinet and string quartet in anticipation of "The Arrival" of our daughter.  It explores the gamut of emotions I f…

Started by David Carovillano

4 on Saturday
Reply by David Carovillano


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