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what key are these chords in

I made a chord progression which is, Cm7 BM7 Bbm7 AM7 Db/Ab GbM7 Fm7 EM7 Abm G F Em D CM7 Edom7 Am Cm7.... Because EM7 share the same notes…

Started by Xiang Li

0 4 hours ago

Ballade in F #minor

The Ballade originated as a stylistic ABA romantic derivative in the 18th century. The Ballade reached its pinnacle with Frederic Chopin wh…

Started by Fernando

0 on Saturday


Hello dear members as a way of presententing myself, I would like to share my latest string quartet "End Game" about the collapse of the e…

Started by Christophe Heroufosse

6 on Saturday
Reply by Christophe Heroufosse

Symphony No.0 written in 2013

first please forgive me for my bad English.. this is my first symphony -- Symphony No.0. I wrote it about 5 years ago after I began to lear…

Started by SunJunqing

1 on Saturday
Reply by Gav Brown

Piano Composition- Behind The veil

This composition had no goal other than to express my ideas. No videos or commercial placement were intended. My compos are probably as mu…

Started by Timothy Smith

1 on Saturday
Reply by Gav Brown


We all know the story of the soldier, the soldier's tale. I think it's High Time we turn the tables on the devil and make him dance to our…

Started by Christophe Heroufosse

3 on Thursday
Reply by Christophe Heroufosse

After Ennio

AfterEnnio.mp3 Following the theme of romantic music written with cinema in mind, here is another piece of mine inspired by a favourite co…

Started by Henry Morris

4 on Wednesday
Reply by Bob Morabito

Too much EQ?

I have finished my third symphony and it can be heard on soundcloud. I will submit it to Spotify and other places soon.  I’d like to hear y…

Started by Lennart Östman

3 Oct 8
Reply by Timothy Smith

The Lord of the Time

This is a music about Chronos, the lord of the time. I hope, you will like it! Let me know your opinion!

Started by Olivér Kovács

3 Oct 8
Reply by Timothy Smith

Are You Sorry Yet? - Song

I would forever value opinion on this work I've created. Perhaps one's interpretation of the piece?  YouTube video / Song https://youtu.b

Started by The Double E

2 Oct 8
Reply by Timothy Smith


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