Song for Mezzo-Soprano, Alto Flute, Piano, and Percussion




The audio file on this site was created with software using choral ahs for vocal as a demo, even though the vocal is supposed to be solo.

Audio file here:  SunchildMS4112023.mp3

Watermarked pdf score on this site:  SunchildMS4112023.pdf

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The lyrics

The hunter flies
through the winter skies
so clear,
so clear;

the baby lies
asleep and wise
so dear,
so dear.

The morning's daughters
have come to bring,
where the star stands,
where the star stands,
sweetness, power, and suffering
in their bright hands,
in their bright hands.

The soft snows keep
the earth asleep:
sunrise is near
sunrise is near
sunrise is near
sunrise is near.



Copyright 2023 by Jon Corelis

For performance permission, please see my permissions page.

Image: Venus of Brassempouy c. 25,000 bce


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