Never Weather-Beaten Sail

Never Weather-Beaten Sail

Song for Soprano, Flute, Oboe, and Cello



This adaptation uses Campion's text unaltered; the music is adapted with substantial alteration from several public domain sources. The audio file was generated with software as a demo, using choral ahs for the vocal, even though the singer is supposed to be solo.

Watermarked score on this site:  Never Weather-Beaten SailDEMO.pdf

Audio file on this site: Never Weather-Beaten Sail.mp3

If this is ever performed and recorded, I'll post the recording here.  Meanwhile, comments on any aspect will be welcome.


The lyrics:

Never weather-beaten sail more willing bent to shore ,
Never tired pilgrim's limbs affected slumber more;
Than my wearied sprite now longs to fly out of my troubled breast:
O come quickly, sweetest Lord, and take my soul to rest.

Ever blooming are the joys of heaven's high paradise,
Cold age deafs not there our ears, nor vapor dims our eyes.
Glory there the sun outshines, whose beams the blessèd only see:
O come quickly, glorious Lord , and raise my sprite to Thee.


Please note that while this composition is based on a song in the public domain, this adaptation is an original creative work under copyright.

For performance or recording permission, please see my permissions page.

Image: Anonymous. Lute player, 17thC. Possibly a portrait of Thomas Campion.

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