• Dear David, thank you so much - your recording is certainly better than mine, only the volume of the staccato notes of the right hand starting from 1:44, 2:09 and 2:44  seem to be too low - they can hardly be heard ...  could you give them little more volume? Gerd 

                  • By now I myself did some volume increase at these staccato passages with my wave editor: I think this fits now, doesn't it? 

                    • I did notice that the first section of pp had been set at a slightly lower level by Dorico's humanisation than the rest for no particularly good reason I could see, I increased that a little and also brought out the staccato melody slightly more. The finale pp section must remain very quiet, though in my opinion -- though here I added a little pedalling. The differences with your audio editing are not dramatic but you can see what you prefer.

                      Fantasia Farewell.mp3


                    • Thank you, David - wonderful !! I take your new version with its warm and balanced sound !

                      Right now I am working on a precious new set of variations for piano. I hope to finish it in the next days :-) I will have a special eye on avoiding this harshness which you noticed in this original Farewell piece...

                    • look forward to hearing them. Incidentally my wife listened to your Farewell and commented "wirklich sehr niedlich" which is very high praise coming from her.


                    • haha, dann seid Ihr Deutsche? Ich wohne in Darmstadt - es freut mich, wenn es deiner Frau gefällt :-)

                    • Franzi is from Munich. I'm Scottish but have been living in Stuttgart a few years now. Although I've been through Darmstadt several times in the train, I haven't yet stopped off for sightseeing.


    • Thank you, Rowy, it is not midi but AriaPlayer from Finale. The left hand partly indeed was too loud and I had reduced it already but apparently this was not sufficient ...

      • I use Finale too. You can choose a base key velocity in the playback settings. It's best to keep it low. I set it at 72 when the piece needs to sound brilliant and 66 when I want a softer sound. Furthermore, you would benefit from a DAW. In a DAW editing is a lot easier.

  • Hey Gerd, if we're throwing mock-ups around, I'd love to get in on the action! I never did finish the last one I started for you, and for that I apologize. However, I gave this short piece a go to make up for that. This is a dramatically different interpretation from David's, so it will be cool to have different perspectives on the same piece. This has some nice and rather dramatic dynamic changes that help the contrasting sections differentiate well. I agree the passage at about 2:15 is the strongestFantasia Farewell for Piano D.L.mp3 point of the piece.

    I don't know if you wanted to bother with any feedback on the composition itself or just present it here for us to listen to, but either way, thanks for sharing.

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