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Chris Alpiar's Videos (4)

  • The Last Trick

    The Last Trick 12:13

    A 12 minute short film I have scored this winter. I *think* this is the final version but I have to… Chris Alpiar Mar 18, 2011 110 views

  • Hug Your Child

    Hug Your Child 06:31

    Finished this short last month. Unfortunately I had only 2 days to do the whole thing, so not every… Chris Alpiar Aug 23, 2010 104 views

  • Kung Fu Joe struts his stuff

    Kung Fu Joe struts his stuff 0:55

    This is a scene I scored as an audition for a feature film "Kung Fu Joe". Unfortunately I was rejec… Chris Alpiar Jun 16, 2008 132 views

  • De Nous

    De Nous

    This is one of my favorites of the shorts I worked on this summer. This is a modern dance set to fi… Chris Alpiar Sep 18, 2007 112 views

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