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  • The Tramp

    The Tramp 01:18

    This is a previs test of a model made by my friend John McKay. The ship and theme were used in the… Shad Young Oct 5, 2009 66 views

  • Sky Unlimited Hurricane - Commercial

    Sky Unlimited Hurricane - Commercial 0:31

    This is a 30 second promotional video I produced for a company called Sky Unlimited. It features th… Shad Young Oct 5, 2009 54 views

  • Stuck in The Middle

    Stuck in The Middle 08:53

    This is a longer vid commissioned for Rotorwash Magazine. They wanted to show the full and highly r… Shad Young Oct 5, 2009 60 views

  • Louisiana Fall

    Louisiana Fall 04:27

    This vid was just more test footage of Robert Sanderson's Hawker Hurricane. His model is one of my… Shad Young Oct 5, 2009 44 views

  • Lamppost Racers 2

    Lamppost Racers 2 05:04

    This video is one of the first I made that had specific effects added. It required a lof of footage… Shad Young Oct 5, 2009 29 views

  • Lockheed Constellation

    Lockheed Constellation 03:44

    This is a Promo Vid for a MSFS model produced by my friend Paco. He is an extraordinary modeler. Th… Shad Young Oct 5, 2009 33 views

  • Close Encounter

    Close Encounter 01:46

    This is the first fully story driven vid I have produced. It was supposed to be another simple prom… Shad Young Oct 5, 2009 29 views

  • Bell TV

    Bell TV 04:51

    Yet another promo vid commissioned by Rotorwash mag. This shows the Bell 206 in News 4 livery flyin… Shad Young Oct 5, 2009 25 views

  • Alphasim Apache

    Alphasim Apache 03:43

    A promo for Alphasim, this is both my favorite vid, and my least favorite vid. It was brutal to mak… Shad Young Oct 5, 2009 33 views

  • Unforgiven

    Unforgiven 05:17

    This vid was made mostly by accident. I was just shooting some test vid and somehow ended up with t… Shad Young Oct 4, 2009 30 views

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