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Duo Concertante began with a desire to write a piece for violin and piano that featured long notes and silences and ended with a three-movement, thirteen-min...

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Comment by Antonio Freixas on January 7, 2018 at 12:14pm

@MM Coston: Thank you for taking the time to listen and comment.

I compose instinctively, but I do believe that keeping music unpredictable/surprising is a key factor to making music interesting to listen to as well as worth hearing more than once. The hard part is to make all these surprises part of a natural flow. Bernstein, in one of his people's concert lectures, talked about these twin characteristics as part of the brilliance of Beethoven, but I actually think they are part of all good composition (maybe not in pop music, where predictability might be useful).

I'm not sure that the unpredictability need be chaotic, but that's one way of doing it :-)

Antonio Freixas

Comment by Em Coston on January 7, 2018 at 12:01pm

I just want to say I admire many things about this piece but the most fascinating to me is (for lack of better terms) the use of suspense in the structure.  By that, I mean the very brief moments of seeming chaos making what follows unpredictable yet, at the same time, interesting (and successful as each resolve is pleasing). In fact, it inspires me to contemplate the concept of organizing degrees of chaos as an essential element of form. Thank you.

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