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At 12:19pm on June 29, 2010, Bobby Arthur said…
Hey. Will post it after a few more takes. The only time it's quiet in the house is late and everyone's sleeping :)
At 11:28pm on August 28, 2008, Paul Wilkie said…
Hi Ed!

Awesome mixes! good stuff! :)

all the best,

Paul Wilkie.
At 7:22am on May 26, 2008, Edward L Szymczak said…
Thank you, Ahmad! Welcome to the forum!.
At 2:21pm on March 24, 2008, Ralph Davis said…
Hey, Ed --- I just posted version 2 of my song. Would love to hear your thoughts on it.
At 8:59pm on March 18, 2008, Ralph Davis said…
Hi, Ed -- thanks again for the invite
At 11:03am on February 29, 2008, Edward L Szymczak said…
my daughter says that.
it's me. i'll revise maybe this weekend.
At 12:31am on June 20, 2007, Dick Aven said…
Thanx 4 the comments. See more on my page. I thought that maybe you posted this new stuff because of our conversation. We often times have to work within some limitations. In the end, if it sounds good, we have to pat ourselves on the back. It sounds good....
At 5:17am on June 19, 2007, Dick Aven said…
I like newly posted songs. Nice soundscapes!
At 11:22pm on June 18, 2007, dain ryan said…
ed, i put some pics of the garden to show you some easy LA livin.
At 1:10pm on June 16, 2007, Cameron Johnson said…
Hey Ed

I fixed the link for the website on my page.... Give it a try.

At 10:42pm on June 15, 2007, Dick Aven said…
the verb is all room.
At 8:26pm on June 15, 2007, Dick Aven said…
ok, I just posted a song I finished a couple of weeks ago called "smilodon californicus blues". I did everything from recording/mixing to playing all the instruments. Possibly the reason I'm tending toward
a lo-fi overall sound is because I can't do the opposite without pre amps and such. I'm not complaining, though. I just got all this gear six months ago. The upright bass, btw, is a Roland D50 keyboard. I don't think I would have come up with this unique groove without having to play bass myself. Playing bass has become my favorite part of production.
At 8:02pm on June 15, 2007, Dick Aven said…
Thanx, man!
U ROCK! I may be able to follow your advise soon.
At 7:13pm on June 15, 2007, Dick Aven said…
Thanx, Ed! I'm running Protools 7.3.1 on a New Mac Pro. I use a Rode NT1-A into the Mbox and then a bombfactory or Digirack plug-in and a T-racks rtas EQ. I've been digging the low-fi notched-out sounds I get by starting somethimes with a TV speaker effect and then boosting the EQ wherever the instrument natually sounds. For my voice I usually boost around 2.4 khtz-ish. Wow! I sound like a tech-y :) Well, maybe not SO much :)
If you hear somewhere I can make an improvement let me know. Sounds like this is a specialty for you by what I hear on your page.
At 6:52pm on June 15, 2007, Edward L Szymczak said…
do you record using a specific mic/pre/compressor/ or does it vary?
i ask b/c you have a fantastic voice.

My 'o.c.d.' comes out when i find good tunes; i tend to listen and listen and listen again. I stay parked on your page while I surf on another as I take it in.

Frank Scheuring has some tunes on his page that have the same affect on me. They're Ryan Owens' tunes, actually. Both are members here.

It's a continuing pleasure to have you here. Thanks for joining!
At 5:49pm on June 15, 2007, Dick Aven said…
I generally go mic/compressor/eq/ maybe then a reverb (all rtas plug-ins)
At 4:36pm on June 15, 2007, Dick Aven said…
Yo, Ed!
Cool! I hope you're gonna post more songs. Sound is amazing on the final!
Thanx for the comment. These songs are the first set
where I've done it all mostly by myself so I really appreciate the positive feedback. I have slew of songs on my artist page that were recorded by more experienced engineers but there is always a time=money issue standing between what I end up with and what I COULD have ended up with.
I don't have incredible mastering software so I'm hoping what I turn out is up to snuff.
Thanx, again!
At 5:51am on June 14, 2007, Edward L Szymczak said…
I do!
I just ran across some Action Figure the other day. I'll send some your way when I get the chance.
I haven't seen Bill in almost a year. We keep in touch. He has a cabin up in Gatlinburg.
"I've been rap'n longer than Chicago's Harry Caray. He's legendary. Quite contrary."
At 3:33am on June 14, 2007, Ryan Adams said…
We never have time to update the website so we just let the posters tell the story.

Man I haven't thought of Bill Harper in a long time. This song takes me back. Good job. You don't have any Action Figure laying around do you?
At 1:26pm on June 13, 2007, Shane Porter said…
Hey Ed - you're right - that's what I remember him calling it - SSL 9000. All's I know - it was incredible to watch him work it & the mastering turned out great.

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