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At 2:41pm on October 28, 2009, Leoncio Lara Bon said…
Wonderfull music! I enjoyed listening to In The Lions Mouth!!

Hope to hear more of your music soon!


At 1:22am on September 4, 2009, Kelly Dowhower said…
I really think Symphony #1 is great!

Fantastic writing!
At 5:23am on April 3, 2009, marv cripps said…
Hi Karen

I really enjoyed listening.
At 11:55am on January 29, 2009, Doug Lauber said…
I love Psalm 62, its sense of balance, the angelic dance of ascension.
At 7:30am on December 19, 2008, Fernando said…
Nice works
At 8:13am on November 28, 2008, Mike said…
Wonderful scores. All of them.
At 12:47pm on September 5, 2007, Stephen Doheny said…
Hi Karen
Yes me again :-)
Ok I have your link up and running, let me know what you think
At 9:50am on September 5, 2007, Stephen Doheny said…
Hi Karen!
Yes you can use my website,
Thanks and I will get your posted. I tried this morning, but the hosting company was having issues.
At 5:39am on September 5, 2007, Stephen Doheny said…
Hi Karen!
OK I will listen to the other movements I have not gotten that far yet. Like you, I also tend to write tender legato type of music.
Yes I do write my own, but then when I need a piano solo for church, thats when I re-write the solo for orchestra, so usually the orchestra stuff is made up while the piano arrangement is already given.
IF you look at my Video... that was recent...and I had to compose music for video directed and created by Zennor Alexander. So thats an example of my dense originallity :-)
For sequencing I use Cubase SX3, for notation I use Sibelius 5.
At 3:19pm on September 4, 2007, Stephen Doheny said…
Hi Karen!
Hey thanks so much for joining me!
Yes EWQL is East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra software I use to compose. Most of this you heard in my demos.
What I meant my soft creative scores, so far what I have listened to, they are very passive & creative. :-)
I am glad that you would like to be a link on my website! I will post it shortly. You can go to and click on the link Musician Friends. It will link back to your soundclick page.
Stay in touch my dear!
At 5:51am on September 4, 2007, Stephen Doheny said…
Hi Karen!
You have some wonderful soft creative scores. I would love to hear what you could do with EWQL Symphonic Orchestra :-)..imagine...:-)
All the best to you and I hope that you will enjoy my friendship, music and my site.
At 9:01pm on September 3, 2007, Karen E. Peace said…
Hi JP well, you'll see i also write some sacred music. If you and your family come down this way to check things out, let me know, It would be fun to have you all over, and i would also be happy to suggest areas in the springs you might want to look at.
At 9:34am on July 10, 2007, Karen E. Peace said…
Warning: In the Womb starts peacful and oceanic, but gets much louder! Beware lest thy speakers bloweth!
At 9:32am on July 10, 2007, Karen E. Peace said…
I just put up some more music... psalm 62 had its first public performance July 8th at the Colorado Springs First Congregational Church, with me singing (in this mp3, thje voice is represented by oboe -- sooner or later I'll get around to the real thing...). Symphony No. 2 explores the beginnings of life -- in the womb and then the innocence of young childhood. Not sure yet if there will be more -- "adolescence" is a tough thing to represent in music!!! [HORMONES, DRAMAS?!]
At 2:32pm on July 4, 2007, Karen E. Peace said…
hey plus this is MY page, right? so i and my friends can do anything legal here, right ROTFL! (Thanks again Chris!)
At 2:31pm on July 4, 2007, Karen E. Peace said…
(Is anyone watching?) Well, your punishment is to listen to another song ;-) LOL I'm not so on-topic myself. [renegade poster-girl (for? being off-topic, off-in-left-field, offthe top of my head ;-D)
At 4:28pm on July 3, 2007, Karen E. Peace said…
hey, don't worry, see i'm not a jazz person (though i like it, i don't know the connotations that certain terms might mean in the jazz world. so i just was referring to certain legato lines in some of your music that i found very pleasing! so no worries i hope! (just remember, i'm a jazz idiot so nothing i say needs any sweating over LOL!)

As for programming, I don't do it now, but may have to again... I am/was an oracle 8 certified DBA (they are on 10 now), have programmed in COBOL(way back), C, C++, Java, Javascript, SQL (both DDL and DML), SQL*PLUS, HTML, mysql, php, X-Windows and Motif ("practice 'safe X' we used to say") and various unix scripting languages, though I was never good at any of those last -- just used them minimally as necessary. I also used a variety of modeling techniques (eg, UML for object-oriented development) because I also did analysis and design, and database design as well as coding. Never programmed in C# though. I have not been working since 2002 due to illness, so I'm out of date... plus I wasn't much of a PC developer, most of the stuff i did was on the unix side. What is C# like compared to C or C++? (if you have time). Do you think they'll come out with a B language (ie C-flat LOL!) (actually there was, I think, a B language prototype precursor to C....
At 12:10pm on June 29, 2007, Karen E. Peace said…
Hi friends, I just put up "At the Edge of the Event Horizon" -- this started as a "throwaway" piece because I was tired and uninspired. But I may end up liking it. It's not sophisticated -- it's a work of a few days only and it's not done, but it is kind of growing on me...
The event horizon is the edge of a black hole. When i think of this, my mind cannot encompass it... the thought of it is awesome, frightening, mind-blowing...

"Washington, DC-A type of X-ray explosion found on neutron stars does not occur near black holes, scientists announced here today. The lack of explosions is strong evidence for the existence of a black hole event horizon, a theoretical boundary into which matter vanishes and cannot escape."

By Ker Than
Staff Writer
posted: 9:20 am ET
09 January 2006 ET

At 12:07pm on June 27, 2007, John Doryk said…

Thank you for your kind comments and yes, I mostly compose with VSL Pro edition and Vienna Instruments. Other libraries I use include Stormdrum, Ilio Symphony of Voices, Miroslave Symphonic Choirs and Orchestra, as well as live session players/vocalists.
At 9:16am on June 27, 2007, John Doryk said…
Welcome Karen. Wonderful music! I know what you mean about the new libraries changing your musical life. I have been creating original music for television and film for about 22 years, but my orchestral composing/arangement took a huge leap about 6 years ago when I discovered Vienna Symphonic Library. It certainly opens a whole new creative pallette to be able to realistically access many of ther nuances of a real symphony orchestra.

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