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At 8:30am on June 1, 2018, Christopher John Ulrich Burke said…

Dear Mikolaj.

Sorry for this second message - just noticed you live in Brighton same as me. Small world!!

Do you ever give lessons? Could sure do with some in using softsynths/sound sourcing/mixing!!

Yours respectfully (again) 


At 8:24am on June 1, 2018, Christopher John Ulrich Burke said…

Dear Mikolaj.

Here are 2 links, one to a Mike Rowland piece, one to a piece by Medwyn Goodall. You only have to listen to the first few seconds of either to answer the following questions! 

Re. the Medwyn Goodall piece - where's he getting his background pad sounds from? He uses these 2 sounds ad nauseam in virtually everything he writes, they're great aural wallpaper to hang things on, can't find anything similar anywhere (I'm a presets guy, I've tried creating them from scratch and the results were too pathetic to even be laughable.) 

Re. the Mike Roland piece, similar question, where's he getting the sounds from?  Not how does he then write a piece with them, that's up to me. Just purely how do I get my hands on those kinda sounds?  

I've got Windows XP SP3 on a computer with a Foxpro 1 mobo because I can't afford anything else, so the cheaper the answer the better (32-bit) and if they're Close because I've only got XP but not Quite the same, that'll do fine. I'd just love to have a couple of nice background pads and a set of nice pads to mix'n'match like Mike does. Here's the links. 

Medwyn  Goodall.  You'll hear the pad sound right in the first 2 seconds of the piece.

Mike Rowland. You'll hear ALL the pads in the first few seconds - the piece is a mass ear-battering with all the beautiful pads going all the way through. LURVE to have the pads to do something like that!!

Thanks in advance and it's OK if you're too busy.


At 11:00pm on October 1, 2013, Bill Dan Courtney said…


Thanks for accepting my friendship invitation. Best Wishes

Bill in China

At 3:32pm on August 2, 2012, Kevin Miyamoto said…

Thank you very much!

At 11:15pm on August 1, 2012, Kevin Miyamoto said…

On your piece "The Return" what program did you use? The quality sounds really good.

At 12:59am on April 23, 2012, Christopher John Ulrich Burke said…

Dear Mikolaj.

Am trying a new piece utilising your comments, maybe these 2 questions are based on the fact I've never used any really 'posh' software so perhaps things are a little different with the 'posh' stuff. I've just used QSE because it's all I've ever understood.  It's a notation program, all the notes with a mouse, but it makes life easier with my disability and it SHOWS you everything, it doesn't shroud everything in insane complexities only a musical magician could hope to understand....!! Anyway.

You said put volume on -10. QSE doesn't do minuses, it's 0-127 with everything. And I've tried just having volume on 10 but that's SO quiet you can't hear anything even with the speakers on full blast (well you can then, but not much!)

Hokay. I feel dumb asking this but how do you tell what the OUTPUT volume actually is? All the little lights tell me is what the INPUT volume is before it hits any effects. As most of the noise is created by the effects - gain, compression etc - and as you can have the speakers up/down to any volume level you like, and as the little lights in QSE will seldom change because they're monitoring the basic INPUT level only, not the final OUTPUT level - how do you know what the actual OUTPUT level is? Apart from sheer guesswork, which is what I've always used and obviously not too successfully, how do you know if you're too loud or not?

Yet another question I know sounds stupid, sorry.

Yours respectfully


At 3:21pm on April 22, 2012, Christopher John Ulrich Burke said…

Dear Mikolaj.

Just to get you prepared for the torment of dumbass questionery to come, my current state of knowledge is this. Imagine you had a loose screw in your mixing desk. And you went to a box of tools and took out a hammer, a monkey-wrench and a screwdriver. All three could be used to re-tighten the screw - but which one would be the most appropriate?  I fear I'm at that stage with just about every effect going. I want to make things sound richer and fuller (esp. strings.) I've got East-West Orch (ask not from whence it came but if you want a copy, by all means just ask) Edirol Orchestral (my fave - I UNDERSTAND that one!) I hear other people's strings sounding rich and full - and I can hear they're my packages, or dead similar. I don't know how they achieve the richness/fullness AND not have them drowning out the piano or whatever the lead instrument is. I've tried just adding more string notes but I don't know how to keep the lead instrument audible. If I get the lead instrument audible it either sounds over-effected by far or the strings sound too weak again. Here's a link to my latest failure Shelby%20Three%20Take%202.mp3

It's got the same probs. as everything else I write because I flat don't know what to do about them - there's tons of places telling you what things DO, but not WHEN you use them!

You tell me what to do, I'll have a bash and upload the result for you to laugh at (feel free! I laugh at my wrecks all the time.)

Yours respectfully. And with untold thanks.


At 12:40am on January 18, 2012, Christopher John Ulrich Burke said…

Dear Mikolaj.

I love your music - and I'm on the prowl for a paid-for favour. 

I don't live too far from you - and I was wondering if you ever gave lessons in mixing music.  I flatter myself I can think of a tune and accompaniment but I can't mix it so it sounds good afterwards. I put many hours into trying and it sounds, always, like I didn't bother. Or that I needn't have bothered!

I HAVE good sounds (good enough for New Age, which is what I'm trying to write!) it's just there's nobody in my area willing to teach me how to use them properly.

I'm disabled but don't let that bother you. It just means I need to be taken through things with a bit of patience.  I know that, given a bit of tuition, I CAN get things sounding up to your standard. 

Yours hopefully

Chris. (There aren't any classes anywhere in Hastings!)

At 9:41pm on December 15, 2011, Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter said…

Thank you.  Interesting that you and several others call my music Celtic since, as far as I know, I have no ancestry from Ireland or Scotland.  I suppose it's a sound carried by Scottish settlers to these Appalachian mountains where I live. 

Thanks for passing my website address on to your uncle.  I appreciate any help finding a new audience or fan.  I hope he likes it.  Bye, MM

At 12:18am on September 15, 2011, Melissa Lee Gruenler said…



Thank you for your great comments concerning Gothic Music. I created a new one and I want you to hear it. Please see my "video" it is an audio/video. I heard your stuff and I am very impressed...Excellent Sound and Music!

At 10:14am on September 4, 2011, Paulo cesar Maia de Aguiar (Br) said…
Amazing Works
At 6:22am on May 28, 2011, Robert "Robby" Piotrowski said…
tylko bez per 'Pan'.. skad to nagle?dopiero pisales: 'slucham twoich numerow...
At 6:20am on May 28, 2011, Robert "Robby" Piotrowski said…
hej! Pan wie, ma sie to, na co mnie stac.. wiadomo, wolalbym miec Mackie'go albo monitory Adam..hmm,sluchawki za 1000zł a nie za 400,klawiature sterujacawazona za 2000 a nie za 950zł. moze kolega tez by nie chcial robic na laptopie, co? ja robilem na sony vaio przez rok czasu i na zewn. karcie maya usb, ale mnie cholera brala. jedynie na koncerty jako tako sie nadawal. mowmy o realiach/pl/.pozrawiam serdecznie.
At 8:11pm on May 27, 2011, Robert "Robby" Piotrowski said…
ide spac, narka! rano przeczytam:) nara!
At 8:10pm on May 27, 2011, Robert "Robby" Piotrowski said…

dzieki! tytul poprawie! tamte numery u dolu robione tylko w midi i zgrywane w audio.te nagorze, to juz inna technologia..z pewnoscia odszedlem od rozbudowanych kawalkow na korzysc tanecznych loopow.. coz, takie czasy.. u mnie tez nieciekawie, stracilem prace/zwolnienia grupowe/, zasuwam gdzie sie da.zostal mi tylko teatr 'lafayette', gdzie robie aranzacje i podklady dopiosenek dla dzieci. gram tgez czasami poezje spiewana na fortepianie i w klubie jazzowym w duecie lub trio. wczesniej pracowalem w niemczech w cyrku jako muzyk, bylem pianista barowym w hotelach w skandynawii/a takze domokrazca, pracownikiem fizycznym, malarzem, tapeciarzem..i Bóg raczy wiedziec co jeszcze...


At 7:15pm on May 27, 2011, Robert "Robby" Piotrowski said…

czego uzywasz, komponujac?

ja uzywam sonara lite/w zupelnosci wystarcza, karta emu 0404 pci, odsluchy behringer'a, tak samo sluchawki, mixer behringer'a, steinberg hypersonic II/polecam/, inne samplery,np. collossus..

At 7:13pm on May 27, 2011, Robert "Robby" Piotrowski said…
jak posluchasz, to napisz cos:) tez bym chcial cos posprzedawac. na razie troche skomponowalem do teatru 'lafayette' w szczecinie, a wlasciwie to zaaranzowalem.. obecnie szukam pracy i komponuje to, co widac na stronie
At 4:13pm on May 27, 2011, Robert "Robby" Piotrowski said…
i love your music so much!
At 9:20am on May 8, 2011, Emily Bond said…
LIke your music!
At 8:45am on May 8, 2011, Paul Gilligan said…
Batmanish, love it :)

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