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At 5:38am on August 7, 2014, Calle Edlund said…

Thanks. Your music isn't bad either. Reminds me of a magical forest

At 2:01pm on July 11, 2014, Annie Helman said…

Oh dear! I wrote a comment and apparently promptly deleted it by mistake. :-)

Michael, thank you so much. I am truly overwhelmed, and appreciate your comment very much. I didn't know Bach said that - talk about modesty!!

Yes, this is a suite of dances: allemande, sarabande, minuet and gigue. I am playing this, though I am not a proficient pianist - so you'll hear a lot of my work in midi version.

Not sure about the counterpoint question. I haven't studied composition, I work more by instinct (for what it's worth) than education. I do like experimenting with polyphonic writing though.

Still feeling my way around this forum, but delighted to have found it. I have just listened to your "Symphonata" and find it amazing that you are self-taught. Yes, there are shades of the early 20th century British composers, but your own distinctive style. Your orchestration sounds superb - I haven't had the courage yet to try orchestral. Loved the percussion! 

For some reason I couldn't hear your work "Skating". Any idea why? I'll try again presently.

Do tell me more about your composing. 

Regards - Annie

At 10:44am on July 7, 2014, Peter Koczewski said…

Thanks Michael.If you want hear more of my music please go to my Soundcloud Page

At 12:02pm on July 3, 2014, Peter Koczewski said…

Thanks Michael 

At 1:16pm on June 11, 2014, Olmnilnlolm said…
Thank you for your very gracious invitation. I hold it an honor to count you as a friend here, and as a fellow composer, engaged in these often stimulating discussions.
At 10:36pm on February 21, 2014, Lawrence Aurich said…

I think Fredrick is putting us on.  He is a student of history, a classical music fan, travels to Europe.  I can't believe he believes Bach's Magnificat is no better than Justin Bieber. His views on theology are also contrived for our entertainment.

At 10:21pm on August 6, 2013, Tim Winter said…

Michael, thanks for the feedback. Interesting that you came up with the Animal's reference. I can see where you get that; I never picked up on that before. The inspiration for the piece was from a jazz tune I had written a year earlier. There was an opportunity to be a part of a local "composer's concert" so I wrote the quartet for that. I just thought that the jazz tune would be a good jump off point. I also wrote what I thought would be on the conservative side with regards to difficulty.... I really missed that target though. The quartet kind of butchered it. I have since spoken with a very accomplished violinist friend in L.A. that said even a seasoned quartet would need a bit of time to get the piece right. All I know is that I am glad I didn't have to play what I wrote! LOL 

As far as making music for "the masses", there was no thought for that at all. I just wrote what I heard, and have really appreciated the efforts of Kronos Quartet by spearheading mixing genres. But I do have much to learn as well in developing my voice. Not only is this my first quartet, it is the first "classical" piece I have ever finished. I have two other works, larger in scale, that I started before the quartet, but they are nowhere near completion. 

As far as the midi implementation I have MUCH to learn. The composition was done completely in Notion 3 with the BASIC Vienna Ensemble library. And some of the articulations did not cross over well when I converted the score to a wav file. But really it is a springboard to just get an idea of what it sounds like with the primary goal of getting the piece played by a live quartet.  

But the current piece I am working on is going to be a challenge. I have been commissioned to write a trio.... for vibraphone, viola, and soprano sax. Big learning curve with respect to timbre and ensemble.  

At 1:28pm on April 3, 2013, Adrian Allan said…
I'm a bit out of touch when it comes to recent sample libraries, but I would recommend Ray as somebody who knows all about what's out there, for cornet etc.
At 4:08pm on April 2, 2013, Adrian Allan said…

Ok, went on your website to listen to skating, which I enjoyed. I can see that you speak the same tonal language as me, and I bet you play piano too, judging by some of the rich harmonic progressions. If you want the chance of having more music played, then write for duets and small ensembles. I think there is a desire for tonal and melodic modern works, as too many people gain no real pleasure from the "intellectual" stuff (most of which I'm highly sceptical of).

At 1:50pm on April 2, 2013, Adrian Allan said…
Thanks michael for your kind comments. I have a friend on the forum sons of sibelius who has encouraged me to write some pieces for trombone. It is very expressive when in the right hands. The sample in this case is the trombone from gypsy by eastwest. I know my recordings can be better, but i do spend nearly all my time on the score by using sibelius. The recording is just an extra help in trying to get the music played for real. Ive had a few real performances that i know of, but since i offer all my music for free, it is downloaded quite often, and i like to think that it is played as well. I will spend some time listening to your music now.
At 7:12pm on March 10, 2013, August Champlin said…

I know exactly the dilemma you are facing in choosing whether to invest more time in making a better performance of Skating or working on other pieces. That is a classic problem I have faced many a time. I would recommend a compromise. Do research online to learn how to use your current setup to achieve more realistic results. Use this information to push your "game" to the next level in each new piece you release. Then use what you learn to go back and redo your old pieces when you need a break from working on new projects. This strategy helps me to avoid getting into a rut by spending too much time on one piece and inviting the law of diminishing returns to govern my output. Best wishes! --August

At 4:27am on March 10, 2013, August Champlin said…

There is much to like in your piece Skating, including colorful orchestration and energetic passage work. It is genial but deft. Let's hear some more!

At 3:25pm on January 28, 2013, Spiros Makris said…

Thank you for taking the time to listen to those pieces. These were written some years ago and unfortunatelly the scores and finale files were lost. I would try that harpsichord idea just for fun, but it's imposible. But the piece is pianistic-it depends on elements a harpsichord doesn't have, so I don't think that would work very well. 
if you're curious about what I've been up to in the past two years or so take a look at my soundcloud.
There are various things in there, some semi-complete some are just a small idea or a theme. 
When I get the time I'll give you my thoughts on "skating"-it sounds interesting but I can't give it the attention it deserves right now.

At 10:04pm on January 25, 2013, Tyler Hughes said…

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