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At 1:06pm on June 18, 2016, Larry Elliott said…

Greetings Marie-Anne,

The Violin is a very beautiful composition. I have two compositions that have some solo violin in them. However they are not on my page here. Thank you so much for sharing.

Very best,

Larry Elliott

At 9:06pm on December 16, 2014, Steve Yee said…

Hey by living in Surrey you don't mean in BC Canada do you?

At 10:14pm on June 11, 2013, ADENS SKY said…

Great music. Super awesome foundation, good use of strings, good libraries, good structure! I'm Stephen M Lloyd with ADENS SKY, I as well LOVE native music. Karl Jankins opened my mind! Great to meet you!


At 11:06pm on May 31, 2013, Kim Margerum said…

Most definitely!  Nice textures and statements...very inspiring indeed.  "The Violin" is nice.  I'll be checking in and listening.  Thanks for writing back Marie-Anne. 

At 11:29pm on May 19, 2013, Kim Margerum said…

I just love your stuff!

At 5:04am on May 2, 2013, Mirela Magdalena Nita said…

Hi Marrie-Anne! Thank you very much! It's great to be here! ^_^ Always a pleasure to meet nice people & learn new things! See you around. :)

* Hugs *

At 10:20pm on August 28, 2011, Art Hughes said…

Hola Marie-Anne, found your site by acci-way. Totally into ME/N Africa rhythms and disparate instruments mash-ups. Māori rocks! Your use of contrast is very diametric, no cross-pollination. You also capture those gritty string resonances which I like better than butter legatos. Well done.


BTW: Congo Nzinga hymn you should check out. You'd have fun weaving its raw chorus with some of your string chops and orchestrations.


At 1:14pm on July 31, 2011, William Staab said…
Good to hear from you Marie-Anne!  And thank you for your kind comments!
At 11:08am on July 31, 2011, Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie said…
Hi Marie-Anne, thanks for such a warm welcome! Looking forward to exploring the forum.
At 1:50pm on June 29, 2011, William Staab said…

Hi Marie-Anne,

   Just visited your site, and listened to "The Violin" it!! Also noticed on your site that we use the same equipment...Mac & Logic.  I'm pretty new to midi composing but am taking some courses on line w/Berklee.  Here's a link to my site..   I have some music posted there, if you'd like to listen.  If you do, let me know what you think.

    I just purchased Vienna Inst. cube...big bucks for that. So I'm trying to get to know it, but having a little trouble with things now. 

   At any rate, I love you web site and your music!

                                Take Care, Bill

At 1:33pm on June 29, 2011, William Staab said…

Hi Marie-Anne,

  Thanks for the contact here!


At 12:28pm on June 12, 2011, Bruce Retief said…
Hi Marie_Anne, thanks for your encouraging message - it's a great project but it's been dragging on for sooo long - looking forward to wrapping sometime in August. What do you do?
At 9:37am on April 4, 2011, Portia Graves said…

Thank you for your kinds words :) 

I love your Masia Mara - it's beautiful. 

Did you record the voices yourself? I can hear the South African influences in your works clearly. Such a nice element which compliments the strings so well.

At 1:56pm on March 14, 2011, Matt Le Mare said…


Thank for all your positive comment, they make a difference to the way I feel about them. Been struggling a bit with listening to my own work recently. I'm really impressed with Masia Mara! It's been a real pleasure hearing you develop as a composer over this year. I'm excited by the direction you have chosen. Combining singing from other cultures combined with your classical influence is inspiring and sounding professional. One area that you may want to develop in is using natural pauses. Congratulation on your success and look forward to hearing more from you...


Best wishes



At 12:32pm on February 20, 2011, Russell Bell said…
hi Marie really nice to see you on here too!! Thanks so much for your comments and support.I havent used the forum a great deal but i do pop in from time to time so hope to see you soon,take care.
At 10:18am on February 17, 2011, Rudi [Rudolf Schmitt] said…
Hello Marie-Anne, I had a few listens to your new works and really liked them. Uncovering your African "roots" ;-) Thanks for sharing! Rudi
At 3:22pm on February 15, 2011, Michael Thomas Huspek said…
Pure Genius... wonderful music.
At 2:43pm on February 1, 2011, GaribaldiMusic said…

Hi Marie-Ann!

Thanks for adding me to you friends. Listened to your music. Lovely string writing. Wish I could write like that.

Sorry I was not able to talk to you during the meeting in London.

Best Toomas

At 2:00pm on October 21, 2010, Clive Lukover said…
Thank you. I think it helps so much to use real strings combined with sampled ones. I use a really good local violinist and layer all the parts. Id like to do more pieces like that when I get the time. Im sorry I didn't get to the concert for care but had to return home because of work commitments. Hope to speak to you again soon.
At 11:41am on June 28, 2010, Yaiza Varona said…
Dear Marie-Anne,

I am listening to your "Tomorrow", and everytime I enjoy it more. I like the simple, intimate atmosphere you manage to create, so soft and delicate. But what I am most impressed with, is that violin! Wonderful writing indeed!! Congratulations, thanks for sharing!
My best wishes! Biiig hug!! :-)

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